As easy as falling off a log

Idioms used to indicate that something is very easy to do.

Language Idiom
Belarusian Як босаму разуцца (Jak bosamu razucca)
simpler than a stewed turnip
Bulgarian Фасулска работа! Лесна работа! (Fasulska rabota!) - A bean job!
Лесна работа! (Lesna rabota!) - An easy job!
Като детска игра! (Kato detska igra!) - As a child's game!
Chinese (Mandarin) 易如反掌 (yì rú fǎnzhǎng)
as easy as turning your hand over
Croatian Mačji kašalj' a cat's cough
Prosto k'o pekmez - Simple as jam
Czech jednoduché jako facka / snadné jak facka - as easy as a slap
snadná věc, zívačka, brnkačka
Danish Så nemt som at klø sig i nakken - as easy as scratching one's neck
Dutch Kinderspel - child's play
Een kind kan de was doen - a child can do the laundry
English As easy as pie
As easy as ABC
As easy as 123
As easy as falling off a log
As easy as shooting fish in a barrel
As easy as taking candy from a baby
A piece of cake
No sweat
French un jeu d'enfant - child's play
(faire qch) les doigts dans le nez - (as easy as sticking your) fingers in the nose
ce n'est pas sorcier - it's not sorcery
German kinderleicht / ein Kinderspiel - child's play
Greek Εἶναι παιχνιδάκι (Íne pehnidáki)
Hebrew (Be'eynaaim kshurot) בעיניים קשורות
with eyes tied - blindfolded, as in "I can do it blindfolded"
easy peasy - (Bekalley kalloot) בקלי קלות
Hungarian gyerekjáték / pihekönnyű - child's play / featherlight
Indonesian semudah membalikkan telapak tangan - as easy as turning your palm around
Irish (Gaelic) chomh héasca lena bhfaca tú riamh - as easy as you've never seen
Italian facile come bere un bicchier d'acqua / è un gioco da ragazzi
as easy as drinking a glass of water / it's a kid's game
Japanese 朝めし前 (asameshi mae)
before breakfast - something that's so easy, you could finish it before breakfast.
Korean 누워서 떡먹기 (nuwoseo tdeokmeokki) - lying on one's back and eating rice cakes
식은죽 먹기 (sigeunjuk meokki) - eating cool rice gruel
Latvian Viegli kā atņemt bērnam konfekti - as easy as taking a candy from a child
Bērnu spēlīte - kids game
Kā divi reiz divi - like two times two
Lithuanian Paprasta kaip du kart du - it's as easy as two times two
Persian (Farsi) (be asaniye ab khurdan) به آسانی آب خوردن
Polish To jest jak dwa razy dwa - it's like two times two
Małe piwo - small beer
Bułka z masłem - "bread roll and butter" = a piece of cake
Portuguese É canja - it's chicken soup
Romanian floare la ureche - flower at your ear
Russian Ёжику понятно (Ëžiku ponjatno) - Understandable to a hedgehog
Проще пареной репы (Prošče parenoj repy) - Like someone barefooted taking off their shoes
Это как дважды два (Eto kak dvaždy dva) - It's as easy as two times two
Проще простого (Prošče prostogo) - Simpler than simple
Slovenian mala malica - small meal
Spanish tan fácil como 1-2-3 - as easy as 123
Swedish Lätt som en plätt - as easy as a small pancake
Turkish Tereyağından kıl çeker gibi - as it pulls the hair from butter
Çocuk oyuncağı - child's play
Çantada keklik - partridge in the bag
Welsh mor hawddd â thynnu llaw dros wyneb - as easy as pulling a hand across the face
cyn hawsed â dim - as easy as anything
mor hawdd ag anadlu - as easy as breathing

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