A Gnu in My ShoeA Gnu in My Shoe

This is a silly little ditty I came up with in January 2014. It is kind of palindromic or circular, in that it finishes where it starts, more or less. I know that the g in gnu, gnat and gnome isn't usually pronounced, but I think these words sound funnier with it.

A Gnu in My Shoe

There's a gnu in my shoe
Paddling a blue suede canoe
And playing the kazoo
Oh what shall I do?

There's a gnat in my hat
Playing poker with a bat
And a cat in a cravat
Oh what do you think about that?

There's a gnome in my home
Playing cricket with a comb
And a rabbit from Rome
Oh I'm in such of a foam.

Oh what shall I do
About the gnu in my shoe
And the gnat in my hat
And the gnome in my home?

Oh I'm in such of a foam
About a rabbit from Rome
Playing cricket with a comb
And the gnome in my home.

Oh what do you think about that?
There's a cat in a cravat
Playing poker with a rat
And a gnat in my hat.

Oh what shall I do?
He's playing the kazoo
And paddling a blue suede canoe
That gnu in my shoe.

Here's a recording:

I made this recording in June 2017 on ukuleles (sopranino, tenor and baritone), kazoo, melodica, swanee whistle and shaky egg. I recorded the vocals, tenor ukulele and shaky egg together, and the other instruments separately, apart from the last refrain, when I play the kazoo, as well as the uke and the egg.

What's a Gnu?

Gnu is another name for a wildebeest and is usually pronounced /ˈnuː/ or /ˈnjuː/. It is an antelope of the genus Connochaetes which can be found in eastern and southern Africa. The word gnu comes from the Khoekhoe name gnou, and wildebeest means 'wild beast' in Dutch and 'wild cattle' in Afrikaans.

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