Koch (কোচ ক্রৱু / Kocha Krwu)

Koch is a member of the Sal branch of the Sino-Tibetan language family. It is spoken by about 36,434 people in the northeast of India, mainly in the states of Assam and Meghalaya, and also in Bihar, Tripura and West Bengal, and in Bangladesh. There are numerous dialects of Koch.

The Assamese and Latin alphabets are used to write Koch, although it is rarely written. Some poems and short stories in Koch are published in magazines from time to time. Older people tend to use the Assamese alphabet, while younger one use the Latin alphabet. In 2009 standard ways to write the language in each alphabet were proposed, although each writer tends to use their own spelling conventions. The All Meghalaya Koch Association encourages the use of the Assamese alphabet.

In 2021 a new Koch script was devised by Day Chand Rangag. It is currently used by a few people.

Assamese/Bengali alphabet for Koch

Assamese/Bengali alphabet for Koch

Latin alphabet for Koch

Latin alphabet for Koch

Download alphabet charts for Koch

Sample text

কানফ্লাঙ আতাপ মাৰাবৗন গৗকসৗন জৗদৗম ৰস্ৱংসাক লাইমৗন জনম লাʼআ। অনঙি শুংচুং দৗমলুঙ তোওয়া। উʼনান আতাপৗন নৗনি অৗনি পিৰায় কানচি গৗকসৗন শুঙ লাইমৗন লৗতপ্রৗত নিগা।


Kaanflaang aataap maaraabãn gãksãn jãdãm rakwangsaak laaimãn janam laaʼa. Anngi shungchung dãmlung tooyaa. U'naan aataapãn nãni ãni piraay kaanchi gãksãn shubha laaimãn lãtprãt nigaa.

Some details provided by Biswajit Mandal (biswajitmandal[dot]bm90[at]gmail[dot]com)


Information about Koch

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