Entrance and Exit in many languages

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Language Entrance Exit
Afrikaans Ingang Uitgang
Albanian Hyrje Dalje
Amharic መግቢያ (mägəbiya) መውጫ (mäwəč'a)
Arabic (madkhal) مدخل (ẖrūǧ) خروج
Bulgarian Вход (Vkhod) Изход (Izkhod)
Catalan Entrada Sortida / Eixida
Central Dusun Suang Labus
Chinese (Cantonese) 出入 (ceot¹ jap⁶)
入口 (jap⁶ hau²)
出路 (ceot¹ lou⁶)
出口 (ceot¹ hau²)
Chinese (Mandarin) 入口 (rùkǒu) 出口 (chūkǒu)
Coastal Kadazan Suvang Habus
Croatian Ulaz Izlaz
Czech Vchod Východ
Danish Indgang Udgang
Dutch Ingang Uitgang
English Entrance / Way In Exit / Way Out
Esperanto Eniro Eliro
Estonian Sissepääs Väljapääs
Faroese Atgongd Útgongd
Finnish Sisään Ulos
French Entrée Sortie
Frisian (West) Yngong Útgong
German Eingang Ausgang
Greek Είσοδος (Eísodos) Εξοδος (Exodos)
Greenlandic Isaariaq Aniffissaq
Hebrew (kenisah) כניסה (yetziah) יציאה
Hindi प्रवेश (pravesh)
अंदर (andar)
निकास (nikās)
बाहर (bāhar)
Hungarian Bejárat Kijárat
Icelandic Inngangur Utgangur
Irish Slí Isteach / Bealach Isteach Slí Amach / Bealach Amach
Italian Entrata Uscita
Japanese 入口 (iriguchi) 出口 (deguchi)
Korean 입구 (ipgu) 출구 (chulgu)
Latvian Ieeja Izeja
Lithuanian Įėjimas Išėjimas
Macedonian Влез (Vlez) Излез (Izlez)
Manx Bollagh stiagh Bollagh magh
Malay Masuk Keluar
Maltese Dhul Hrug
Norwegian Inngang Utgang
Persian ورود خروج
Polish Wejście Wyjście
Portuguese Entrada Saída
Romanian Intrare Ieşire
Russian Bход (Vkhod) Bыход (Vikhod)
Serbian Улаз (Ulaz) Излаз (Izlaz)
Slovak Vchod Východ
Slovenian Vhod Izhod
Spanish Entrada Salida
Swahili Mahali pa Kuingia Mahali pa Kutoka
Swedish Ingång Utgång
Thai ทางเบา (thāng k̄hêā) ทางออก (thāngxxk)
Turkish Giriş Çıkış
Ukrainian Вхід (Vkhid) Вихід (Vykhid)
Urdu (dākhla) داخلا (bāhar) باہر
Venetian Verto Serà
Welsh Mynediad Allanfa

Information compiled by Sam Giloi

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