Horse sounds

Animal sounds - horses

How to write the sounds made by horses in different languages.

Language Sounds
Afrikaans runnik
Albanian iihihihi
Arabic صهيل (saheel)
Bengali iiiiii
Bulgarian chi hni
Catalan hiii, iii
Croatian njihaa
Czech íí-hahá
Danish vrinsk
Dutch niii, hiii
English neigh
Estonian ii-ha-haa
Finnish ii-ha-haa
French hiii hiii
German wiehiehie
Hebrew הִי־הִי (hii hii)
Hindi हिं-हिं (hin-hina)
Hungarian nyihaha
Indonesian yihaa
Irish (Gaelic) né né
Italian hiii hiii
Japanese ヒーン (hīn)
Korean 히잉 (hi-ing)
Latin hinni
Latvian ī-ā
Lithuanian yhaha, ygaga
Norweigan vrinsk
Polish iii-haaa
Portuguese hi hi
Romanian ni-ha-ha
Russian и-го-го (i-go-go)
Scottish Gaelic sitrich
Spanish ji ji
Swedish gnägg
Tagalog hihihi haha
Thai ฮี้ ๆ (hii hii)
Turkish ih-hi-i-i
Vietnamese hí hí hí

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