Animal sounds - cows

Cow sounds

How to write the sounds made by cows in different languages.

Language Sounds
Afrikaans moe
Albanian muu
Arabic moo, ngoah
Basque mu
Bengali hamba
Bulgarian муу (muu)
Catalan mmm, muu
Chinese (Mandarin) 哞 (mōu)
Croatian muu
Czech bůů
Danish muh
Dutch boe
English moo
Estonian ammuu, muu, möö
Finnish ammuu, muu, möö
French meuh, mou
German muh
μoυ (mu)
Hebrew (muuu) מוווּ
Hindi moo
Hungarian mú, bú
Indonesian mooh
Italian mu
Japanese モーモー (mō mō)
Kazakh мөө (moo)
Korean 음매 (eum-mae)
Marathi हम्मा (hamma)
Polish muuu
Portuguese mu mu
Romanian mu
Russian му (mu)
Scottish Gaelic mó mó
Serbian му (mu)
Slovenian mu
Spanish mu
Swedish mu
Tagalog ungaa
Telugu అంబా (amba)
Thai มอ (mo)
Vietnamese ụm bò
Welsh mw, mw-mw


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