Eton (Ìtón)

Eton is a member of the Beti group of Bantu languages. It is spoken by about 250,000 people in Cameroon, in particular in the Lekié department of the Centre Region of Cameroon, and also in Yaoundé, the capital. In rural areas people of all ages speak Eton, however in Yaoundé younger people speak only French.

Eton is also known as éton or Ìtón. There are two main dialects: the Northern Eton (ìtón ŋ́kē) and the Southern Eton (ìtón ɛ́kwɛ̄). It is closely related to Ewondo, and also Mengisa, Bulu and Fang.

There appear to be several ways to write Eton with the Latin alphabet. The one used here is the practical orthography used in Mark Van De Velde's A Description of Eton.

Eton alphabet and pronunciation

Eton alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Eton (Excel)

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Information about Eton
A Description of Eton - Phonology, morphology, basic syntax and lexicon (PDF)

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