Nyole (Lunyole)

Nyole is a Bantu language spoken mainly in Tororo District in the Eastern Region of Uganda. In 2002 there were about 341,000 speakers of Nyole, which is also known as LoNyole, Lunyole or Nyuli.

Nyole is related to, but separate from the Nyole language of Kenya. About 60% of their vocabulary is simliar.

Nyole is taught in some primary schools, and also used on the radio. There are Nyole versions of parts of the Bible, and some poetry and a dictionary in Nyole.

Nyole alphabet and pronunciation

Nyole alphabet and pronunciation


Download an alphabet chart for Nyole (Excel)

Sample text (Olugero lw'omuyaaye)

Nitandiiha ahagano hano haŋamba hu muyaaye nigenda ohwiba eduuka era hatandiiha haati: Omuyaaye gahola bizinesi enyene enyingi n’atabitamo.

Translation (A story of a conman)

As I begin, this story concerns a conman who wants to steal from a shop, and it begins like this: A conman tried his hand at so many businesses, but he was not successful in them.

Source: Wicks, Douglas Allen, 2006. A Partial Grammar Sketch of Lunyole with Emphasis on the Applicative Constructions

Details of the Nyole alphabet and sample text provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample video in Nyole

Information about Nyole | Numbers in Nyole


Information about Nyole

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