Koti (Ekoti)

Koti is a Bantu language spoken on Koti Island and in the municipality of Angoche in Nampula Province in northern Mozambique. In 2006 there were about 77,000 speakers of Koti, which is also known as Angoche, Angoje, Angoxe, Coti or Ekoti. Koti is classified as belonging to the Mukhuwa group of languages, though much of its vocabulary comes from Swahili.

Koti is mainly written in the Latin alphabet, although the Arabic script is also used sometimes.

Koti alphabet and pronunciation

Koti alphabet and pronunciation

Sample text (Lord's Prayer)

Papeetthu oriiye pinkuuni, littitthimisiwe nzina lawo loottakatthifu, wiishushe ofwalume awo, mattakhelo awo arettikhane vathi apha nkhama etthiipo enrettikhanaazo otulu. Oninkhe wakhula siikhu etthu-yoojiwa ninihithajiyaaye. Oniswaamihi koosa zeetthu nkhama etthiipi na-fweyo nininswaamihaaye wakhula otule annikosaaye, na ohinilikhelele nizayiniwaka, ila nuusuru khwa ntakhali, maana ofwalume, owahi, na siifwa zooshi pi zawo, mileele.

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Sample videos in Koti

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Information about Koti

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