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Matigsalug (Matig-Salug Manobo)

Matigsalug is a member of the Manobo branch of the Philippine languages. It is spoken in by about 50,000 people mainly in Mindanao, particularly in south central parts of Bukidon, North Cotabato and northwestern Davao del Sur provinces.

There are four main dialects of Matigsalug: Kulamanen, Tigwa, Tala Ingod and Matigsalug Proper. Tala Ingod is mutually intelligible with Matigsalug Proper. Other dialects are less mutually intelligible.

Matigsalug alphabet and pronunciation

Matigsalug alphabet and pronunciation

The letters c, f, j, o, q, v, x, z are also used, but only in recently loanwords, and the names of people and places.

Sample text in Matigsalug (The Lord's Prayer)

Sikan naa, henduena niyu kayi te eg-ampu: 'Amey ney ne diye te langit, egdayanen ka matulus ne ngaran nu. Eghari ka kayi te kanami, Egkatuman ka igkeupii nu kayi te ampew te tane iling degma te katumanan diye te langit. Ibehey nu kanami ka egkeilanganen ney kuntee ne egkeenen wey pasayluwa key te me sale ney, iling degma te pegpasaylu ney te nakasale kanami. Ne kene key ipabaye nikeykew diye te pegtintal, ke kene, luwasa key nikeykew puun ki Meibulan.

Source: https://christianchildmultilingualbibleverse.wordpress.com/2012/09/20/the-lords-prayer-matigsalug-bible/

Information about Matigsalug pronunciation complied by Michael Peter Füstumum

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