Tondano (Toundano)

Tondano is a member of the Northeast Minahasan branch of the Philippine language family. It is spoken in North Sulawesi Province of Indonesia, particularly in the districts of Eris, Kombi, Lembean Timur, Tondano and Toulimambot. According to the 2010 census, there are about 9,560 speakers of Tondano, which is also known as Tolou, Tolour, Tondanou and Toulour. It is spoken mainly by older adults. Younger people speak Manado Malay and/or Indonesian instead.

Parts of the Bible were translated into Tondano and printed in the early 20th century. A number of dictionaries, grammars and other publications in and about Tondano have been publised since the 1970s. An orthography, school books and other materials have been developed since 2001.

Tondano alphabet and pronunciation

Tondano alphabet and pronunciation


Source: Brickell, Timothy C.A grammatical description of the Tondano (Toundano) language (2014)

Download an alphabet chart for Tondano (Excel)

Sample text

Sinadiamou embaya rampa rampa, lelè'os wo enano, lansuna, lansuna mèa' wo lansuna puti', wo lia, wo saribata, wo enano podang, dano, marisa, wo. Lia' empampèanitè, lansuna mèa, peteto'omenamou.


They have prepared all the spices, spring onion and whats'it, onion, red onion and garlic, and ginger, and what's it, pandanus leaf, water, chilli and ginger, he bashes it, he will grind up the red onion.

Details provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Video in Tondano

Information about Tondano | Numbers


Information about Tondano

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