Kagayanen is an Malayo-Polynesian language spoken in Palawan province in the Philippines by about 30,000 people. Kagayanen is mainly spoken on Cagayan island between Palawan and Negros, and also in Palawan, Balabac island, Iloilo Province, Silay, Negros and Manila. The language is also known as Cagayano, Kagay-anen or Kinagayanen.

The language is used to some extent in local administration, commerce, religion and in primary and secondary schools, and also in newspapers and radio broadcasts. It is mainly used as an oral language, though the majority of speakers can read and write it as well.

Kagayanen alphabet and pronunciation

Kagayanen alphabet and pronunciation


C, f, j, q, v, x and z are also used, but only in foreign words and names.

Download an alphabet chart for Kagayanen (Excel)

Sample text (Lord's Prayer)

Kabay na mabot en timpo na magdumala ka ta tanan na mga ittaw. Kabay na mga ittaw ta kalibutan i magtuman ta imo na kabebet-en na paryas naan ta langit patuman imo na kabebet-en. Tagan no kami i ta ame na kinanglan na pagkaan ta anduni na adlaw. Patawaren no kami i ta ame na mga sala paryas na napatawad nay man mga kasala an ki kami. Tabangan kay no na dili kay madala ta mga tintar. Luwasen kay no ki satanas. Yi ame na pangamuyo tak kaon Ari Na Makagagaem daw dayawen ka ta ula katapusan.

Information about the Kagayanen alphabet and the sample text provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Information about Kagayanen | Numbers | Tower of Babel


Information about Kagayanen

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