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Useful phrases in Papiamento

A collection of useful phrases in Papiamento as spoken in Aruba. You can see them in many other languages by clicking on the English versions.

English Papiamentu (Papiamento)
Welcome Bon bini
(General greeting)
Bon dia / Halo
How are you?

Fine thanks, and you?
Conbai cubo? Conta cubo?
Conta baiendo cubo?
Con ta bai? (frm) Con cos ta? (inf)
Mi ta bon, danki. Y abo?
Ami ta bon danki, I abo?
Long time no see Hopi tempo sin wak bo
What's your name?
My name is ...
Con jamabo? Con yama bo? Con bo nomber ta?
Mi nomber ta ... / Ami yama ...
Where are you from?

I'm from ...
Foi unda bo ta?
Di unda bo ta?
Di cual pais bo ta?
Mi ta foi ...
Ami ta di ...
Mi a bin for di ...
Pleased to meet you Contento di mira bo / Ta un plaser di conocebo
Morning greeting(s) Bon dia / Mòro
Afternoon greeting(s) Bon tardi
Evening greeting(s) Bon nochi
Nighttime parting phrase(s) Bon nochi
Parting phrase(s) Ajo / Te aworo / Te otro biaha
Good luck Bon suerte; Hopi Suerte
Toasts used when drinking Salud / Bon salud
Have a nice day Pasa bon dia / Pasa un bon dia
Bon appetit /
Have a nice meal
Bon apetit
Bon voyage /
Have a good journey
Un bon vuelo
I understand Mi ta comprende / Mi a comprende bo
I don't understand Mi no ta comprende bo / Mi no a compronde bo
I don't know Ami no sa
Please speak more slowly Porfabor papia un tiki mas poko poko
Please say that again Bo por ripiti e mesun cos pami plies / por fabor
Porfabor Bo por bisami un biaha mas e mesun cos
Please write it down Bo por skirbie pami porfabor
Do you speak English? Bo por papia Ingles?
Do you speak Papiamento?
Yes, a little
Bo por papia papiamento?
Si, poco / Si, un tiki
How do you say ... in Papiamento? Con bo ta bisa ... den papiamento?
Excuse me Despensa mi / Disculpami
How much is this? Kwanto esaki ta costa? Cuanto esaki ta costa?
Sorry Sori
Please Porfabor, Plies
Thank you
Danki / Masha danki
Na bo ordo (frm) Di nada (inf)
Where's the toilet? Unda e baño ta? Na unda e baño ta?
This gentleman/lady will pay for everything E meneer lo paga pa tur cos
E señora lo paga pa tur cos
Would you like to dance with me? Bo lo kier baila cumi? (frm) Bo kier baila? (inf)
I miss you Mi ta haña bo falta (frm) Mi ta echt mis bo (inf)
I love you Mi ta stimabo (frm) Mi stimabo (inf)
Get well soon Mehora pronto; Pronto recuperacion
Go away! Bai for di kinan! (frm) Bai awo! (inf)
Leave me alone! Lagami mi so! (frm) Lagami na paz (inf)
Call the police! Yama polis!
Christmas and New Year greetings Bon pasco y Bon aña
Bon pasco i un felis aña nobo
Easter greetings Bon pasco (di resureccion)
Birthday greetings Felis cumpleaño
One language is never enough Un lenguage nunka ta sufisiente
Un idioma nunka ta sufisiente
My hovercraft is full of eels
Why this phrase?

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