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Useful phrases in Pig Latin

A collection of useful phrases in Pig Latin, a constructed language game where words in English are altered according to a simple set of rules. Pig Latin takes the first consonant (or consonant cluster) of an English word, moves it to the end of the word and suffixes an ay, or if a word begins with a vowel you just add way to the end. For example, pig becomes igpay, banana becomes ananabay, and aadvark becomes aadvarkway. There are slightly different versions as well.

The idea is to conceal the meaning of the words. It has nothing to do with Latin but does sound strange and foreign, like Latin and other languages do to English speakers.

You can see them in many other languages by clicking on the English versions.

EnglishIgpay Atinlay (Pig Latin)
How are you?Owhay arehay ouyay?
Fine thanks, and you?Inefay anksthay, andway ouyay?
Long time no seeOnglay imetay onay eesay
What's your name?Atwhay isway ouryay amenay?
My name is ...Ymay amenay isway ...
Where are you from?Erewhay areway ouyay romfay?
I'm from ...Iway amway romfay ...
Pleased to meet youLeasedpay otay eetmay ouyay
Good morningOodgay orningmay
Good afternoonOodgay afternoonway
Good eveningOodgay eveningway
Good nightOodgay ightgay
GoodbyeOodgay yebay
Good luckOodgay ucklay
Cheers/Good health!Eerschay
Have a nice dayAvehay away icenay ayday
Bon appetitOnbay appetitway
Bon voyageOnbay oyagevay
I understandIway understandway
I don't understandIway on'tday understandway
I don't knowIway on'tday nowkay
Please speak more slowlyLeasepay peaksay oremay lowlysay
Please say that againLeasepay aysay atthay againway
Please write it downLeasepay riteway itway ownday
Do you speak English?Oday ouyay peaksay Englishway?
Do you speak Pig Latin?> Oday ouyay peaksay Igpay Atinlay?
Yes, a littleEsya, away ittleay
Speak to me in Pig Latin Peaksay otay emay inway Igpay Atinlay
How do you say ... in Pig Latin? Owhay oday ouyay aysay ... inway Igpay Atinlay?
Excuse meExcuseway emay
How much is this?Owhay uchmay?
Thank youAnkthay ouyou; Ankthay ouyou eryvay uchmay
You're welcomeOur'eyay elcomeway
Where's the toilet?Erewhay isway ethay oilettay?
This gentleman/lady will pay for everythingIsthay entlemangay illway aypay orfay everythingway
Isthay adylay illway aypay orfay everythingway
Would you like to dance with me?Ouldway ouyou ikelay otay anceday ithway emay?
I miss youIway issmay ouyou
I love youIway ovelay ouyou
Get well soonEtgay ellway oonsay
Go away!Ogay awayway
Leave me alone!Eavelay emay aloneway
Call the police!Allcay ethay olicepay!
Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year
Errymay Ristmaschay andway Appyhay Ewnay Eearyay
Happy EasterAppyhay Easterway
Happy BirthdayAppyhay Irthdaybay
One language is never enoughOneway anguagelay isway evernay enoughway
My hovercraft is full of eels
Why this phrase?
Ymay overcraftway isway ullfay ofay eelsway

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