Alorese is a member of the Central-Eastern branch of Malayo-Polynesian language family. It is spoken by about 25,000 people in the Alor Regency in East Nusa Tenggara Province in eastern Indonesia, particularly on the Bird's Head of Alor Island, along the west coast of Pantar Island, and on the islands of Ternate, Pura and Buaya.

Alorese is also known as Alor, Coastal Alorese or Bahasa Alor. There are numerous dialects of Alorese, or Alorese languages: between 48 and 60, according to the Alorese people.

Alorese is written with the Latin alphabet.

Alorese alphabet and pronunciation

Alorese alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Alorese (Excel)

Sample text

Lara tou Kotong Dake no Aleng Keleng pana rei kapima gena kehe. Fe gena kehe kalau fe bale fe pana rei sampai laran tuka kang, fe onong mara, terus Aleng Keleng maring Kotong Dake: "Mo hela tapo te dodoe ite tenung neing feking," tapi Kotong Dake gehi no maring Aleng Keleng maring "mo ru hela".


One day, Pointed Head and Slender Back went walking looking for snails. After they searched for snails, they went home they walked till halfway and they got thirsty, so Slender Back said to Pointed Head: "You climb that coconut tree and come down so we can drink water," but Pointed Head did not want [to] and said to Slender Back: "you climb it".


Information about Alorese | Numbers


Information about Alorese

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