Mualang (Basa Mualang)

Mualang is a member of the Iabnic branch of Malayo-Polynesian languages. It is spoken by about 40,000 people in West Kalimantan Province in the west of Borneo in Indonesia. Mualang speakers live along the Ayak and Belitang rivers in the district of Sekadau in the subdistricts of Belitang Hilir, Belitang and Belitang Hulu.

Mualang is used as a language of instruction in some schools, even though the official language of education is Indonesian. Teachers use Mualang when the children do not understand what they are saying in Indonesian.

Mualang is closely related to Iban, which is also spoken in Kalimantan.

Mualang alphabet and pronunciation

Mualang alphabet and pronunciation


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Sample text: Mulah nsia

Aday kisah urang tuay kelia' tih, kisah mulamula menua tu' dapulah urang. Jadi, kisah urang tuay npadah, menua tu' datempa' Burung Tempa'.

Translation: The creating man

There is a story from our ancestors from olden times, a story of how thos world was made by somebody in the beginning. So, the story from our ancestors tells that this world was forged by the Forging Bird.

Sample text provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

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Information about Mualang | Numbers in Mualang


Information about Mualang

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