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Useful phrases in Alsatian

A collection of useful phrases in Alsatian, a Germanic language spoken mainly in Alsace in northeast of France.

You can see the phrases in many other languages by clicking on the English versions.

Key to abbreviations: frm = formal, inf = informal

English Ëlsässisch (Alsatian)
Welcome Wellkumma
Hello Hallo
Güete Tag
Güata Tàg
Göte Tàij
Grias di wohl
How are you? Wie geht's Ihne? (frm)
Wie geht's dir (inf)
I'm fine thanks, and you? 'S géht güet, ùn dü?
Long time no see Mir hànn ùns schon làng nemmi gséhn
What's your name? Wie heisch dü?
My name is ... Ich heisch ...
Where are you from? Wo kùmmsch dü her?
I'm from ... Ich kùmm von ...
Pleased to meet you Es freit mich Sie kenne ze lehre (frm)
Es freit mich dich kenne ze lehre (inf)
Good morning Güete Morge
Good afternoon Güete Nàchmittag
Good evening Güete Obe
A güata-n-owa
A göte-n-owwe.
Good night Güet' Nàcht
Goodbye Or'var
Good luck Viel Gliek
Cheers/Good health! G'sundheit!
Have a nice day A scheene Dàa
Bon appetit E Güeter!
Bon voyage Bù Voyage
I understand Ich versteh
I don't understand Ich versteh nitt
I don't know Ich weiss nitt
Please speak more slowly Redde lëngsemer, wënn 's beliebt
Please say that again Repeteer noch a Mol
Please write it down Wotsch's ùfschriwa
Do you speak English? Kannst dü Englisch redde?
Do you speak Kannst dü Ëlsässisch redde?
Yes, a little Ja a bessele
Speak to me in Alsatian Redd mit m'r Elsässisch
How do you say ... in Alsatian? Wie seit m'r ... in Elsässisch?
Excuse me 's düet mir Leid
How much is this? Was koschtet das?
Sorry Es töt mir leid
Please Wënn 's beliebt
Thank you Mersi / Vielmohls mersi
Reply 'S esch nitt de Wart
'S esch (schon) güet
Where's the toilet? Wo isch 's Kabinee?
This gentleman/lady will pay for everything Der Monsieur bezàhlt àlles
This lady will pay for everything Die Màdàm bezàhlt àlles
Would you like to dance with me? Wotsch dü mit mir tanza?
Wit dü mit mir tanza?
I miss you Dü felsch mir
I love you Ich hàbb dir lïab
Get well soon Wor bàl(d) widder g'sùnd
Go away! Géh jetz!
Leave me alone! Los mich in Rüh/Röh!
Help! Au Secours!
Fire! Fier!
Stop! Her ùff!
Call the police! Röff d'Polizei!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year E güeti Wïnâchte un e gleckichs Nej Johr
Happy Easter Frohe Ostern
Happy Birthday Viel Gleck zöm Gabursdàa
One language is never enough Eini Sproch esch nie genöh
Eini Sproch langt nie
My hovercraft is full of eels
Why this phrase?
Mini Aéroglisseur esch voll von Ààle
Mini Howerkràft esch voll von Ààle

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