’Auhelawa (Kurada)

’Auhelawa is a member of the Western Oceanic branch of the Malayo-Polynesian language family. It is spoken by about 1,200 people (in 1998) in Nuakata Island and on the southeastern end of Normanby Island in Milne Bay Province in Papua New Guinea.

There are translations of parts of the Bible in ’Auhelawa, and the majority of ’Auhelawa speakers (85%) are literate in their language.

’Auhelawa alphabet and pronunciation

’Auhelawa alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for ’Auhelawa (Excel)

Sample sentences

Ya dobi gogowai yada bada ehebo ya ita. Teina gona sabate mata yana vada vauvauna ya abi.
(I went down to the village to see one of our uncles. Next week I will build his new house.)

Yau dova nuwanuwagu yada bada ya hagui. Ebe u dobi u vada abi, u lauma u vaigau ta dobi ta paihowa.
(I also want to help our uncle. When you go down to housebuild, you come and get me and we go down and work.)


Information about ’Auhelawa

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