Dorig (Dōrig)

Dorig is a member of the Southern Oceanic group of Malayo-Polynesian language family. It is spoken by about 300 people on the island of Gaua (formerly Santa Maria Island) in Vanuatu, particularly in the village of Dorig on the south coast, and also in the village Qteon on the east coast, and in Qtevut on the west coast.

Dorig used to be known as Wetamut. It is written with the Latin alphabet.

Dorig Alphabet

Dorig Alphabet

Download an alphabet chart for Dorig (Excel)

Sample text (The Mysterious Pixies)

Tuar qōn̄, tuar tdun sa ni / namon o ak sōsō vilwo aē. (Le wasn̄in sa, gēn t-var ti ak o ‘kenu’; am̄o, gēn t-var ti ak o ‘ak sōsō’.) Ni s-rev namon o ak nen̄, ni s-sō ror; ni s-rēn̄ bas namon o wabēg vat le m̄ōs, ni so sn̄ōn le mon o wāwōr gēn t-var ti ak o ‘vug’ ~ o wāwōr t-le naw. Ni m-tar namon tuar o rga ka o gaqal, ni m-dit sōnsōn wagetga, ni so sō mi; sō mi va~van, ni t-tekgor tuar o rga ti.


Once upon a time there was a man who had a big canoe. (Nowadays we use the bislama word 'kenu', but we used to call it 'ak soso'.) He dragged his canoe down to the coast, and began to paddle towards the deep sea... Beforehand, he had grilled a few wild yams and placed them inside his snare, the one we call 'keepnet' -- a snare for sea fishing. He carved himself a stick in the shape of a gaff, tied a rope around it and carried it off to sea. He took it out to sea, whilst observing the trees (on the water surface).


Sample video in Dorig

Information about Dorig | Numbers


Information about Dorig

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