Sio is a Western Oceanic language spoken by about 3,500 (in 1987) in Morobe Province in Papua New Guinea, specifically in a number of villages in Wasu district on the north coast of Morobe.

Sio was first written in a Sio translation of religious works published in 1953 using an orthography based on the Kâte language.

Sio alphabet and pronunciation

Sio alphabet and pronunciation


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Sample text in Sio

Usi tamâta toŋge ŋa mine Kui isape ne wâŋga imo sâwa ŋgaŋe. Aku isape ne wâŋga imo imo le ku ponu iloŋo wâŋga nduneŋa. Aku ponu imâ kulu kâki ku mata imora ku isarâwa mine papa, "Kui, Kui, Kui, kusape wâŋga le, kuka take!" Aku Kui mata ilâ ku imora andetia ponu kulu putuku ndue aku ilâ. Imo le zo toŋge Kui ilâ isape ne wâŋga kilo. Isape ande ponu iloŋo wâŋga nduŋeŋa. Aku itoa imâ kilo ku mata kâki imora Kui ku isarâwa papa kilo, "Kui, Kui, Kui, kusape wâŋga le kuka take." Kui mata ilâ imora andetia ponu kulu putuku ndue ku ikâwa ilâ. Iveta mine zo pinde papa. Aku Kui iporo panzi ni nambwe kinzi mine tu, "Ma zo toŋge kakai vioŋa kamâ ku kamora ponu ma nasape wâŋga ku ma ikâki iporo pana kilo. Ande miki kakai vioŋa kalâ pa muli kasia vioŋa ku kaŋara ku indue ku takale ponu ŋine kaika.


A fairy-tale man named Kui was at the edge of the beach building his canoe. And he was building his canoe, and a turtle heard the noise of the canoe-building. And the turtle came, lifted up its head, and looked, and he called out, "Kui, Kui, Kui, you who keep building the canoe - eat manure!" And Kui looked up, but the turtle ducked back down and left. A while later, Kui was building his canoe again. He was building, and the turtle heard the noise of the canoe-building. And he came toward shore again, looked up and saw Kui, and called out again, "Kui, Kui, Kui, you who keep building the canoe - eat manure!" Kui looked up, but the turtle ducked back down and fled away. He did this several times. And Kui said to his friends, "Some time go bring a fish net and watch for the turtle; I will build the canoe, and he will come up and talk to me again. Then you take the net around behind him, throw it out, and chase him, and when he goes down we'll grab that turtle firmly.


Information about Sio | Numbers


Information about Sio

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