Sursurunga is a member of the Western Oceanic group of Malayo-Polygnesian languages. It is spoken by about 3,000 people in the Namatanai subdistrict on the island of New Ireland in New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea. In particular, it is spoken in the area between the villages of Kudukudu and Pulpulu on the east coast of New Ireland, and also in a number of villages on the west coast.

Sursurunga has one dialect: Surkutus. It is written with the Latin script, and is used as a medium of instruction for the first three years of primary school.

Sursurunga alphabet and pronunciation

Sursurunga alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Sursurunga (Excel)


Sample text

Tatalen til Sursurunga ngo asir a hut i narsán tekesi kálámul, ki da mulán támri be mai bu má pol. Ma namur da támri má mai namnam muswan ngorer i balbal. Tatalen ngoromin di lu parai ngo di sausau asir mai bu má pol.


The custom from Sursurunga when a guest/visitor arrives at some person, then they will first feed him then with betel nut and drinking coconut. And later they will feed him with real food like root vegetables. This custom they say that they are cooking (for a) guest (refreshing a guest, being hospitable) with betel nut and drinking coconut.


Sample videos

Information about Sursurunga | Numbers


Information about Sursurunga

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