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Quoi mish?

A photo of Simon Ager, author of Omniglot, taken on Roman Camp in Bangor on 19th March 2017

She Simon yn ennym orrym, ta mee voish Lancashire dy ghooghyssagh, ta mee cummal ayns Bangor ayns Bretin nish, as ta mee cosney argid liorish yn ynnyd-eggey shoh.

She loayreyder dooghyssagh ny Baarl mish, as ta sym mooar aym er çhengey elley. Dynsee mee Frangish as Germaanish 'syn ard-schoill, as Sheenish as Shapaanish 'syn ollooscoill, as dynsit mee mee hene dy liooar çhengaghyn elley.

Ta Sheenish, Frangish, Bretnish as Yernish flaaoil aym, as ta Germaanish, Spaainish, Shapaanish, Gaelg Nalbin as Gaelg Vannin lane vie aym. Ta beggan Sheckish, Taiwanish, Cantonish agus Glare Chowree Goaldagh (BSL) aym myrgeddin.

Fysseree mysh my gynsaghey Gaelg as çhengaghyn elley.

S'mie lhiam lhaih, eaishtaght rish chiaull, goll dys y thie jalloo, cloie feddan, kiaulleeaght, skyrraghtyn, daawheeylaght, as laue-chleasagh.

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