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Archi (Аршаттен чӀат)

Archi is a Northeast Caucasian language with about 1,000 speakers in the village of Archi in the Dagestan in Russia. It is thought to related to Avar and Lak, although its exact relationship to these languages and others has not been established as yet.

Until recently Archi was unwritten, except in some scholarly publications, and a version of the Latin alphabet was used. In 2006 a Cyrillic-based orthography based on the Avar Cyrillic alphabet was developed and used in the Archi-Russian-English Dictionary by the Surrey Morphological Group.

Cyrillic alphabet for Archi

This chart shows the Cyrillic letters used to write Archi, their Latin transliterations and their names in the IPA.

Cyrillic alphabet for Archi

Archi pronunciation

Archi pronunciation

Information about the pronunciation of Archi compiled by Wolfram Siegel.

Sample text (Demons come to Ali Ajshat)

Sample text Archi (Demons come to Ali Ajshat)



Information about the Archi language

Archi, Russian, English dictionary

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