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Teleut (Тэлэңгэт)

Teleut is a variety of Southern Altay, a Turkic language spoken by about 2,500 people in the Altai Republic in Western Siberia in the Russian Federation. The Teleut people call themselves тэлэңэт (Telenget) or тэлэңут (Telengut), and are found mainly in the Shebalinskiy District of Altai Republic, the Chumyshskiy District of Altaiskiy Region, along the Sem River, and in Novosibirskaya Province and the south of Kemerovskaya Province (Gornaya Shoriya), and Bolshoy Bachat and Malyy Bachat Rivers (Bachat Teleut).

An orthography for Teleut was created by Altai missionaries in the 19th century. This was used to publish religious material and school books. The missionaries also described Teleut grammar and collected substantial lexical material. The language is taught in the school of Bekovo village.

Teleut alphabet and pronunciation

Teleut alphabet and pronunciation

Information about Teleut pronunciation provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

Sample of Teleut

Mother’s Words

Кöбöк, Кöбöк, кöл кечет,
Köbök, Köbök, is crossing the lake,

Кöмÿр аласы суу кечет.
Is crossing a charcoal(?) river.

Кöбöктең артык эр туулса,
If a man better than Köbök is born,

Теңис кечире мост салсын.
He will build a bridge across the ocean.

Myrat’s Reply

Эки ташты колтыктанып,
Holding two stones in my armpit,

Теңисти кечкен, Мырат мен!
I crossed the ocean, Myrat is my name!

Йаңыс ташты колтыктанып,
Holding one stone in my armpit,

Йайыкты кечкен, Мырат мен!
Crossed the Ural (River), Myrat is my name!

The beginning of Myrat-Piy’s song, Recorded by D.A. Funk on 30 August, 1992 in Shanda village from A.K. Alagyzova

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Information about the Teleut language and people

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