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Khinalug (каьтш мицI / kätš micʼ)

Khinalug is a Northeast Caucasian language spoken in the villages of Khinalug and Gülüstan in the Quba Rayon mountains of northern Azerbaijan. It has about 3,125 speakers and no close relatives.

Khinalug is also written Khinalig, Xinalug(h) or Khinalugh.

Khinalug alphabet and pronunciation

Khinalug alphabet and pronunciation

Download Khinalug alphabet chart provided by Wolfram Siegel (Word doc, in German)

Sample text in Khinalug

Sample text in Khinalug with Russian transliteration

Source: Desheriyev, Yu. D. 1959. Пешериев Ю. П. Грамматика хиналугского языка. Москва: Издательство Академии Наук СССР. (Desheriyev, Yu. D. 1959. Pesher P. Grammar of the Khinalug language. Moscow: Publishing House of the Academey of Sciences of the USSR). Supplied by Wolfgang Kuhl.


Information about Khinalug language and people

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