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Sorang Sompeng (𑃐𑃦𑃝𑃗 𑃐𑃦𑃖𑃣𑃗) Sorang Sompeng

Sorang Sompeng was devised by Mangei Gomango in 1936 as a way to write the Sora (Savara), an Munda language spoken mainly in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh in the east of India. Mangei Gomango was the son-in-law, Malia Gomango, an influential Sora leader, and claimed that the idea for Sorang Sompeng came to him in a vision on 18th June 1936. He also founded a religious order dedicated to Akshara Brahma.

The alphabet is used in primary and adult education and in various publications. It is also known as the Saura alphabet. Sora is written with the Odia (Oriya) alphabet in Odisha (Orissa), and with the Telugu alphabet in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Before the invention of the the Sorang Sompeng script, the Sora language was written with the Telugu, Odia or Latin scripts. Speakers of Telugu and Odia were keen to promote their scripts to the Sora people, who, instead of choosing one or the other, decided to try to come up with their own script.

Notable features

Sorang Sompeng alphabet

This chart shows the Sorang Sompeng alphabet with Odia and Latin equivalents.

Sorang Sompeng alphabet

Download an alphabet chart for Sorang Sompeng (Excel)

Sample video in Sora


Information about Sorang Sompeng

Information about the Sora language

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