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Sourashtra    Sourashtra (ꢱꣃꢬꢵꢰ꣄ꢜ꣄ꢬꢵ)

Sourashtra a member of the Western branch of the Indo-Aryan language family. It is spoken mainly in Tamil Nadu in southern India in the Madurai, Thanjavur and Salem Districts. There are also Sourashtra speakers in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. According to the 2011 census of India, there are 247,702 speakers of Sourashtra. Sourashtrans migrated to southern India from Gujarat about 1,000 year ago.

Sourashtra is also known as Palkar, Patnuli, Saurashtri, Sourashtra or Sowrashtra. It is related to Gujarati, and contains many words from Telugu and Tamil.

Sourashtra has been written with a number of different alphabets. It was first written with a version of the Telugu script in the 17th and 18th centuries. A Sourashtra alphabet was created in the late 19th century. In 1920 the Devanagari script was adopted for Sourashtra, and it is also written with the Tamil script. There is some debate about which script is best for the language.

Sourashtra alphabet

The Sourashtra alphabet was developed in the 1880s and is used, to some extent, by Sourashtra speakers in Tamil Nadu. It is not certain who created the script or what it was modelled on.

Notable features

Sourashtra script

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Sample text in Sourashtra

Sample text in Sourashtra

Source: http://www.virtualvinodh.com/wp/saurashtra/


Anirōdham anutpādam anuccēdam aśāśvatam. Anēkārtham anānārtham anāgamam anirgamam. Yah pratītyasamutpādam prapañcōpaśamam śivam. Dēśayāmāsa sambuddhastam vandē vadatām varam.

Some information about Sourashtra provided by Michael Peter Füsutumum

Sample videos in Sourashtra


Information about the Sourashtra language and alphabet

Sourashtra font

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