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The Limbu or Kirati alphabet was probably modelled on the Lepcha alphabet, which is thought to have derived from the Tibetan alphabet. According to many historians, King Sirijonga invented the "Kirat-Sirijonga Script" in the late 9th century. It disappeared for many years and was then reintroduced by Te-ongsi Sirijonga (believed to be reincarnation of King Sirijonga), in the 17th century. In 1925, Iman Singh Chemjong, a Limbu scholar, named the script after Sirijonga who had laid down his life for the preservation and promotion of script in 1743.

Source: http://www.chumlung.org.np

Notable features

Vowel diacritics

Limbu vowels diacritics


Limbu consonants

Final consonants and punctuation marks

Limbu final consonants and punctuation marks


Limbu numerals

Sample text

Sample text in Limbu

Source: http://www.xenotypetech.com/samplepdfs/LB_Sample.html


Information about the Limbu language

Kirat Yakthung Chumlung - an organisation dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the Limbu language and culture: http://www.chumlung.org.np

Kirat Rai - information about the Kirat peoples and languages

Limbua Fonts

Tibeto-Burman languages

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Syllabic alphabets / abugidas

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