Balanta-Ganja (Fgañja / فْگَݧْجَ)

Balanta is a member of the Bak branch of the Atlantic-Congo language family spoken by about 86,000 people in southern Senegal, particularly in the Sédhiou region.

Balanta-Ganja is also known as Alante, Balanda, Balant, Balante, Ballante, Belante, Brassa, Bulanda, Fjaa and Fraase. There are two dialects: Fganja (Ganja), Fjaalib (Blip). Balanta-Ganja is closely related to Balanta-Kentohe, which is spoken in northern Guinea-Bissau.

Balanta-Ganja can be written with a version of the Latin alphabet, or with the Arabic alphabet. Since September 2000 it has been officially recognised as a national language of Senegal, and can be taught in primary schools.

Latin alphabet for Balanta-Ganja

Latin alphabet for Balanta-Ganja

Arabic alphabet for Balanta-Ganja

Arabic alphabet for Balanta-Ganja

Download alphabet charts for Balanta-Ganja (Excel)

Information about Balanta-Ganja alphabets supplied by Wolfram Siegel

Sample video in Balanta-Ganja


Information about Balanta-Ganja

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