Omniglot news (2003)

21st December

New pages: Mutilingual Christmas greetings, Phonogic and the Tower of Babel in Turkish
Improved page: Shorthand - now includes Gregg shorthand.

14th December

New page: Blackfoot and Maritime Signal Flags. Improved page: Azeri

8th December

New pages: Nari and Semaphore

30th November

New pages: Futurama, Ruthenian (Rusyn) and Scots

23rd November

New pages: Filipino, Lombard and Manipuri

16th November

New pages: Blissymbolics and Ewellic.
Improved pages: German, Glagolitic and Old Church Slavonic

9th November

New page: Nahuatl. Improved pages: Osmanya and Ugaritic

2nd November

New pages: Afaan Oromo, Jèrriais, Posiga and Siddham. Improved page: Cornish

25th October

New page: Tower of Babel in Estonian (thanks to Ivo Volt for this)

12th October

New page: Phonetic Script

5th October

New page: Hausa

23rd September

New page: Numerals in many different writing systems

14th September

New page: Tower of Babel in Klingon (thanks to André Müller for this)

10th September

New page: Tower of Babel in Serbian (thanks to Srdjan Obracevic for this)

25th August

New pages: Taiwanese and Vine

17th August

New pages: Teochew and Serian

3rd August

New pages: Tower of Babel in Ancient Greek and Modern Greek

27th July

New pages: Afrikaans, Faroese, Karmeli, Navajo, Saurashtra and Swahili

23rd July

New page: Betamaze

6th July

New page: Morda

29th June

New page: Cimbrian

22nd June

New pages: larenti tergush, Piedmontese, Yorùbá and Zulu

15th June

New pages: Hawaiian, Modern Hylian, Pitman Initial Teaching Alphabet, Lingua Franca Nova, Rongo Rongo, Shorthand, Slovio
New section: Undeciphered writing systems

8th June

New page: Old Hylian. Improved pages: Tai Dam and Redjang.

1st June

New section: Language learning - some tips
New pages: Linear A and Utopian

22nd May

New page: Nikhilipi

11th May

New page: Lojban

20th April

New pages: Modi and Quechua

13th April

New page: Aymara

1st April

(Spoof) language news: European Parliament to adopt Latin as sole official language
New pages: Language and country names in their own scripts.

17th March

New page: Māori

10th March

New page: Indonesian. Improved page: Kharosthi

2nd March

New page: Frequently Asked Questions

19th February

New page: Tower of Babel in Farsi. Improved page: Kurdish

9th February

New pages: Aurek-Besh and Fraser. Improved page: Pollard Miao

2nd February

New pages: Enochian and Kpelle

26th January

New pages: Delason, Tenctonese and Tengwar for Scottish Gaelic

19th January

New pages: Tengwar for English and Welsh

11th January

New page: Moon alphabet

5th January

Improved pages: Belarusian and Jurchen

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