Omniglot news 2015

27th December

Improved pages: Avar and Udi

New articles:
- Why is a turkey called a turkey? And why is Turkey, too?
- The Psychology of Language: How Humans Convey Emotion through Speech
- Learning German in Berlin

20th December

New language: Tutchone

New phrases page: Uyghur

New article: How a Library Membership Can Help Save Money When Learning a Language

New recordings of the Tower of Babel in Old English and Modern English

Improved pages: Talysh language and Talysh numbers

13th December

New languages: Aguaruna, Hupa, Laalaa, Noon and Yemba

New constructed scripts: Saxiriya and Úrogham

New adapted script: Tàiguó pǔtōnghuà

6th December

New language and writing system: Sumbawa and Satera Jontal

New language: Luri

New numbers page: Romanian

New articles:
- How Similar (and Different) Are European Languages
- How to Learn New Words By Reading Stories About Them
- How being multilingual can bring you career success
- A Translator's Guide to an International Conference

29th November

New language: Lahu

New constructed script: Chillkadunguwe

New numbers page: Galician

New articles:
- How Writing Skills Can Help You Master a New Language
- Cases in Italian, German, English

22nd November

New languages: Arbëresh and Babine-Witsuwit'en

New constructed scripts: Jhanim and Kop'ell

New numbers page: Bavarian

Improved page: Bavarian (language)

15th November

New languages: Beaver, Comox and Gaulish

8th November

New language and script: Lampung

New language: Mohegan

New numbers pages: Catalan and Mohegan

New article: How Interpreters Make the World Go Round

1st November

New language: Masbateño

New numbers pages: Amharic and Yiddish

New article: 7 Best Apps for Learning Latin

Improved pages: Amharic and Gujarati phrases

In October a record number of people visited Omniglot: 2,322,884! This is the first time there have been more than 2 million visitors to the site in a month. There was a sudden increase from the 21st - no idea why. More visitors stats

25th October

New language and writing system: Bima

New constructed script: Lupanesque

New adapted scripts: Cyrillisch and Finnish Cyrillic

New article: Studying Italian around the world: what, who and why

18th October

New language: Extremaduran

New constructed script: Deskuffen

New numbers pages: Extremaduran and Udege

New article: Top apps and books for studying Japanese language

11th October

New numbers page: Matigsalug

New phrases page: Tsonga

4th October

New language: Matigsalug

New numbers page: Kashubian

New articles:
- Tips for learning languages "on the go"
- 8 Top Reasons to Learn Arabic
- Raising Bilingual Children - 5 Common Myths

27th September

New language: Mbula

New phrases page: White Hmong

New constructed script: Mystic

New adapted script: latinagari

New numbers page: Pangasinan

20th September

New language: Adzera

New constructed script: Crymeddau

New numbers page: Tuwali Ifugao

13th September

New language: Ifugao

New constructed script: Skaraaskrít

New Tower of Babel translation: Amganad Ifugao

New articles:
- Language in International Negotiations - Avoiding Embarrassment
- The Future of the Interpretation & Translation Industry

New About Me text in: Kadazan

Improved pages: Ewe phrases, Odia phrases and Toki Pona

6th September

New phrases page: West Flemish

New numbers pages: Basque and Chitimacha

New articles:
- Why is Spanish, well, Spanish?
- 8 Reasons Why You Should Learn French

30th August

New languages: Kickapoo and Soga

New constructed script: Sanshuino

New articles:
- Italian: Not Just for Italians
- The Translation Profession

23rd August

New language: Franco-Provençal

New phrases page: Cape Verdean Creole

New article: Start a Dynamic Career by Learning a New Language - Arabic

16th August

New language and alphabet: Sasak

New language: West Polesian

New constructed script: Berdikari

New article: I Want to Learn Chinese, Should I Learn Mandarin or Cantonese?

9th August

New language: Mescalero-Chiricahua

New constructed scripts: Sticks and Urschrift

New pages: Indus/Harappa script and Phaistos Disc script

Improved page: Undeciphered scripts

2nd August

New language: Kashinawa

New articles:
- Best way to learn a foreign language? Not the usual way
- European Spanish vs. Latin American Spanish: The differences explained

26th July

New language: Sankethi

New constructed scripts: Cempaka, Kummalli and LLL for Japanese

New adapted script: Old Norse Cyrillic alphabet

New articles:
- Four Skills You Pick Up Through Interpretation
- About Vietnamese

New recordings of: Swahili phrases

19th July

New languages: Jicarilla, Tikopia and Tiwi

New phrases pages: Kiribati and Yolngu

12th July

New constructed scripts: Midwest, Periotun and Westonian

New phrases page: Northern Sotho

New Tower of Babel translations: Kweda, Silesian and Batak Karo

5th July

New construced script: Musa

New adapted scripts: German Cyrillic Alphabet and Maula

New articles: Chinese Language Myths
- Learning Mandarin Chinese: 3 key things to consider

New numbers pages: Balinese, Biloxi, Creek, Kenyah, O'odham, Penan, Yaqui

New Tower of Babel translation: Kenyah

Improved phrases pages: Bhojpuri and Scots

28th June

New language: Karbi

New numbers pages: Karbi, Kiribati, Madurese and Sundanese

New articles: Social networking sites to help you learn a new language and The Ki to Japanese

21st June

New languages: Jarai and Qashqai

New constructed script: Eiyanae

New numbers pages: Jarai and Pijin

New Tower of Babel translations: East Bolivan Guaraní and Jarai

New article: Key Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Bilingual

New book page: Alice in Wonderland in many languages

14th June

New construced script: Taino Syllabary

New numbers pages: Curonian and Rotokas

New article: 8 ways to simplify your Chinese language learning

7th June

New con-script: Naric

New numbers pages: Kashmiri and Sranan

New articles:
- How Introverts & Extroverts Learn Second Languages - Why you should learn Chinese for business
- Challenges in bilingual families no one tells you about
- Tips for learning languages while on holiday

31st May

New con-script: Flownetic

New numbers page: Mapuche

New articles: ESL Pull-out projects vs. Total Immersion - Which Language Learning Method is More Effective?
- Reduplication reflects uniqueness and innovation in language, thought and culture

24th May

New language: Satawalese and Yami/Tao

New numbers page: Yami/Tao

New articles: How the Language You Speak Affects Your Worldview and Five Common Misunderstandings About the Korean Language

New song: La Plume de ma Tante

New recordings: Tigrinya phrases

17th May

New con-scripts: Aziana and Kerigal

New adapted script: Polish abdjad

New 'useful' phrase: Colorless green ideas sleep furiously

New article: American Sign Language - More Than Just Hands

New gallery section: Illustrated Australian Idioms

10th May

New language: Bolinao

New con-scripts: Kogor and Svatsëmi

New numbers page: Bolinao

New song: A Hen in My Hat

Improved page: Sicilian phrases

3rd May

New con-script: Galay

New phrases page: Gheg Albanian

New numbers page: Aklan

New articles: A Chinese Language Journey
- Unbearable English Sounds for the Japanese “Transplant” to America

26th April

New con-script: Alkniktsɯi

New phrases pages: Aklan and Volapük

New articles: Conlang - It's Not Pig Latin!
- Black English in Washington, D.C.

19th April

New language: Ixil

New con-script: Andrelian

New numbers page: Vai

New article: Cultural Awareness: Know Before You Move to a New Country

12th April

New language: Fanagalo

New numbers page: Gagauz

New articles
- Why Korean Hangul (한글) is such an attractive written language
- Speech Errors and What They Reveal About Language

5th April

New con-script: KoreoViet

New adapted script: Tengwar for Icelandic

New numbers page: Negidal

New articles:
- Guide to Australian English for tourists
- About Pidgins and Creoles

New recordings: Papiamento phrases

29th March

New con-script: Uriovakiro

New numbers page: Lingwa de planeta

New articles: Benefits of Learning a Second Language
- About MT, CT and Getting Lost in Translation
- On the Origin of Language
- Why a business needs a multilingual website

22nd March

New con-scripts: Greli, Kraaienveer and Nusantara

New numbers pages: Crimean Tatar, Koasati and Lingala

15th March

New con-script: Mifi

New articles: The Challenge of Esperanto
- Subliminal Language Learning – Fact or Myth?

New numbers pages: Balangao and Choctaw

New Tower of Babel translations: Balangao and Choctaw

8th March

New languages: Atikamekw and Yuchi/Euchee

New numbers pages: Atikamekw, Bambara and Interslavic

New phrases page: Atikamekw

New Tower of Babel translation: Interslavic

New articles: The difference between dashes in the English language
10 Apps for Studying Language

1st March

New phrases pages: Abkhaz, British English, Chipewyan and Rusyn

New Tower of Babel translation in: Vulgar Latin and Late Vulgar Latin (Proto-Romance)

Improved page: Kyrgyz phrases

22nd February

New language: Interslavic

New colours page: Portuguse

New numbers page: Soga

New articles: On Language, Thought, and Mind
Start Learning Spanish with a Great App

New Tower of Babel translation in: Soga

15th February

New alphabet: Kawi

New language: Sarikoli

New con-script: Ainu Apukita

8th February

New con-script: Ingari

New numbers pages: Sarikoli and Shughni

New article: Can you successfully learn a language online?

Improved page: Tocharian

1st February

New con-script: Femsha

New articles: Language Learning on the Go and Learning New Languages Online - An Enriching Experience Indeed

New recordings of: Tagalog phrases

New video (in Breton):

25th January

New language: Shughni

New phrases page: Khoekhoe (Nama)

New recording in: Bikol

New numbers pages: Khoekhoe (Nama) and Wolof

18th January

New language: Yagua

New con-script: Sprykski

New recordings of the: Sakha phrases

Improved page: Tok Pisin phrases

11th January

New Tower of Babel translation: Blue Hmong

New article: Is the Italian language difficult for English speakers to learn?

Improved page: language family index page

4th January 2015

New article: "Tip-of-the-Tongue" Syndrome: What It Reveals About Language

New numbers page in: Somali

New Tower of Babel translations: Eastern Arctic Inuktitut and Kamono and Labrador Inuttut

New about the author translation in: Cornish

A Multilingual Happy New Year!

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