Omniglot news 2012

30th December

New phrases page: Ido

New kinship pages: Hungarian and Malay

23rd December

New alphabet: Coorgi-Cox alphabet

New numbers page: Cebuano

16th December

New con-script: Scythian

New adapted script: Latin Arabic

New phrases pages: Lebanese Arabic and North Frisian

New article: Italian Language School Review - How to Find the Best Courses in Italy

9th December

New language: Wolaytta

New Tower of Babel translations: Eastern Huasteca Nahuatl, Keley-i, Mossi, Poqomchi', Wolaytta

New article: Choosing the Best Spanish Language Schools in Spain - Reviews and Beyond, Language School Discounts - How to Save Money When Booking

2nd December

New languages: Dagbani, Mossi

New Tower of Babel translations: Bashkir and Matigsalug Manobo

New numbers page: Malay and Indonesian

25th November

New languages: Orok / Uilta, Pohnpeian and Sikkimese

New con-scripts: 6-Color Binary Alphabet and Iqleut

New article: How to Learn a Language Through Interaction

18th November

New language: Minangkabau

New con-script: Liyahu

New article: Greek transliteration is all fun and games

New Babel translations: Adyghe, Bariai, Borong, Huli, Suau, Saveeng Tuam, Tolai, Yabem

11th November

New languages: Purepecha and Tzeltal

New con-script: Trevor's Super Long Hand

New Celtic languages page: Prepositional pronouns in Breton, Cornish & Welsh

New video: Trollagyn (in Manx with English subtitles)

Improved page: Salar

4th November

New writing system: Badaga

New recordings of the German phrases and the Norwegian phrases

New articles:
- Looking for a New Job? Boost your Opportunities by Learning a Second Language
- The Link Between Economic Decision-Making and Speaking in a Foreign Language

Improved pages: Inari Sami

28th October

New language: Talysh

New con-script: Chữ Việt Trí

New phrases page: Aragonese

New article: Breaking the Codes: Preparing for Changes to Medical Coding Language

21st October

New language: Rutul

New phrases page: Kinyarwanda

New Tower of Babel translation: Corsican

New articles:
- An Added Reason to Learn a New Language: It Increases Brain Size
- Augment Your Language Learning Coursework To Enhance Your Foreign Language Skills

Improved page: Corsican phrases

14th October

New languages: Gallo, Mixtec

New phrases page: Yucatec Maya

New articles: 3 Ways to Improve your Academic Writing in English
- The Best Way To Study French For Listening and Understanding
- The Best Way to Study French for Speaking
- 3 Ways to Maximize Language Learning through a Study Abroad Experience

Improved page: Ranjana

7th October

New language: Chinanteco, Mazahua, Mazatec

New con-scripts: Albatinan, Surat Bisaya

30th September

New languages: Central Sinama, Chippewa

New phrases page: Zazaki

New articles: How the Internet is Making Learning a Language Easier, Teaching new languages through video chatting, Top 5 Things to Do and See in Argentina

23rd September

New writing system: Tulu

New languages: French Guianese Creole, Modern Shetlandic Scots

New adapted script: Angrezi

16th September

New languages: Acehnese, Madurese, Oji-Cree, Palauan

Improved page: Papiamento phrases

10th September

New con-script: Old Lusitanian

New phrases page: Speak to me in ...

New video: Have you heard?

New articles: Children's Literature: A Natural Way to Learn New Languages, How I Became (and Remain) Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, The Value of Being a Multilingual Nurse, 4 Unconventional Ways to Learn a Foreign Language Outside the Classroom

2nd September

New alphabet: Galik

New language: Ottawa

New article: Free Educational Resources for Language Lovers

Improved page: Ahom

New Tower of Babel translations: Dholuo, Ga, Santali

26th August

New writing system: Khojki

New languages: Gilaki, Mazandarani, Nauruan and Pijin

New numbers page: Sinhala

New Tower of Babel translations: Kalenjin, Luganda

New video: Llongau gofod a selsig (Spaceships and sausages)

19th August

New languages: Achuar-Shiwiar, Cha'palaachi, Guambiano, Kuna and Susu

New con-script: Vasterasian

New Tower of Babel translations: Achuar-Shiwiar, Cha'palaachi, Ch'ol of Tila, Guambiano, Kala Lagaw Ya, Kuna, Makassar, The English Phonetic Alphabet

12th August

New con-script: Ganmak/Rotoflect

Improved phrases page: Sardinian

New transliterations of Tower of Babel translations: Aramaic, Kumyk, Malay Jawi

5th August

New language: Chuukese

New pages: Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian (previously all on one page; now separate)

New article: Want to Speak a Foreign Language Better? Learn to Write First!

New Tower of Babel translations: Arawak, Bariba, Boko, Bugis, Ch'ol of Tumbalá, Chuj of Ixtatán, Cusco Quechua, Frafra, Kaqchikel, Miskito, Northern Mam, Q'anjob'al, South Bolivian Quechua, Tammari, Tampulma, Winnebago

29th July

New con-script: Notae

New articles: Language Immersion and International Volunteering and 5 Reasons to Learn Languages

New Tower of Babel translations: Pijin, Teribe

22nd July

New phrases page: Papiamento

New article: The Benefits of Learning a New Language

New Tower of Babel translations: Aguaruna, Bassa, Bribri, Candoshi-Shapra, Carrier, Machiguenga, Moba, Sundanese

15th July

New con-scripts: Dothraki and Ineon

New articles: Learning Spanish through a cultural immersion experience and Traveling Abroad? 3 Apps You Need to Download Before Departing

New Tower of Babel translations: Arabela, Bassa, Caribbean Javanese, Lisu, Nias, Pitman Shorthand, Sarnámi Hindustani, Sharanahua, Sundanese

8th July

New writing system: Tolong Siki

New languages: Juhuri and Tat

New aritlce: Common Pitfalls in British versus American English

New Tower of Babel translations: Angami, Ao Naga, Atayal, Bunun, Khasi, Kuki, Lotha, Tangkhul

1st July

New in writing systems: Kalamiy

New kinship page: Tuvaluan

New section in the gallery: Arabic and Islamic Calligraphy

New recordings: Slovak phrases

New Tower of Babel translations: Beti, Kanite, Komba, Maia, Mara Chin, Maring, Namia, Narak, Pangutaran Sama, Southern Kalinga

24th June

New languages: Algonquin and Brahui

New con-script: Square Word Calligraphy

New phrases page: Wightian

New Tower of Babel translations: Ata Manobo, Guhu-Samane, Kamasau, Ngaing, Pilagá, Quichua del Chimborazo

17th June

New language: Wynadot

New article: 6 Last Living Speakers of Dying Languages

New Tower of babel translations: Acehnese, Aymara, Chuukese, Fioti, Garo, Kinaray-a, Kiribati, Lango, Mocoví, Mortlockese, Ngaju, Niuean, North Efate, Rarotongan, Romansh, Rotuman, Tïcuna, Toba Qom, Tonga, Tongan, Tsáchila / Colorado, Tumbuka

10th June

New languages: Awakatek, Ayacucho Quechua, and Paama

New Tower of babel translations: Adzera, Aguacateco, Ambrym, Amele, Awara, Ayacucho Quechua, Barai, Bimin, Bola, Burum-Mindik, Dadibi, Gronings, Guajajara, Hiri Motu, Kamula, Kosraean, Malaweg, Mbula, Misima-Paneati, Nali, Numanggang, Nyindrou, Paama, Pohnpeian, Quechua del Huallaga, Samberigi, Sena, Siroi, Tairora, Tuma-Irumu, Tungag, Ubir, Waris, Waskia,

3rd June

New phrases page: Võro

New proverbs page: Estonian

New Tower of Babel translations: Amis, Batak Simalungun, Batak Toba, Bikol, Futunan, Hiligaynon, Itawis, Ivatan, Javanese, Kapampangan, Kriol, Low German, Motu, Pangasinan, Tagbanwa, Tuwali, Võro, Wichí Lhamtés Vejoz and Yapese

New recording: Article 1 of the UDHR in Galician

27th May

New language: Amahuaca

New Romanization system for Shanghainese: Húú Iin (滬音/沪音)

New articles: 4 Reasons Why Learning a New Language Requires Immersion and Supporting Bilingual Children: A Call to Authors

New recordings in: Hindi and Urdu

New video: Hamish the Haggis Hunter

20th May

New phrases pages: Tahitian and Tok Pisin

New Tower of Babel translations: Tahitian and Tok Pisin

New articles: How the Learning of Language in Children Encourages Education Leadership, Online Context-Specific Translation Programs and Courses and Путешествуйте вместе с русским языком

13th May

New language: Marwari

New in writing systems: Arabindi and Urdu Latin

New article: The Language-Learning Toolbox for Online Students

6th May

New kinship page: Slavic languages

New phrases page: Alsatian

29th April

New writing system: Kaithi

New con-script: Zærān'jæ

New languages: Awadhi and Fox (Meskwaki)

22nd April

New languages: Acholi and Miskito

New con-script: Klaekson-Zaen

New kinship page: Germanic languages

New Tower of Babel translations in: Awadhi, Okinawan and Tibetan

15th April

New in writing: Luwian

8th April

New language: Fula(ni)

New writing page: Welsh Braille

New phrases page: Tigrinya

New Tower of Babel translations: Akan (Twi/Fante), Chichewa, Efik, Hmar and Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Northern Sotho, Ossetian Sinhala, Sranan

New article: 5 Reasons Why You Should Teach English Abroad

1st April

New con-script: Vaelak

New section: Video lessons

New article: Ancient Germanic Languages Documented – A Preliminary Sketch

Improved page: Okinawan

25th March

New page: Kinship terms in Chinese languages
(Cantonese, Hakka, Mandarin and Taiwanese)

New recordings: English, Indonesian and Malay alphabets, and Tower of Babel in Malay

Improved page: Hmong

Improved video: Luftkissenfahrzeuge (with added subtitles and speech bubbles)

18th March

New con-scripts: Dotsies and Nihon no Hangul

New multilingual page: Kinship terms in Romance languages

New article: Top 5 Twitter Accounts for Language-Related Information

New video: La bufonería

Improved pages: Taiwanese and Taiwanese phrases

11th March

New languages: Iu Mien, Krymchak and Ladin

New translation: About me text in Bengali

4th March

New language: Hinukh

New page: Kinship terms in Celtic languages

New Tower of Babel translations: Classical Chinese, Eastern Min and Fiji Hindi

New song: Lisa Lân

26th February

New language: Chipewyan

New articles
- How foreign teenagers learn Mandarin in Taiwan the natural way!
- Malaysian versus Indonesian - divided by a common tongue?

19th February

New language: Swiss German

New numbers page in: Swiss German

New phrases page in: Swiss German

New video: The elephant in the room

New recordings: Croatian phrases

12th Feburary

New languages: Budukh and Khwarshi

New recordings: Galician phrases

New article: How to improve your French with French movies

5th February

New language: Salar

New section in the gallery: Word Art

New articles: Free Online Resources and Tools to Learn English, Language Learning Methods and Shabu Shabu

29th January

New language: Mauritian Creole

New article: How Can I Improve My English? - A breakthrough answer for Chinese college or university English-language nuts

New numbers pages: Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu

22nd January

New con-script: Knot Alphabet

New phrases page: Wolof

New recordings: Latvian

15th January

New language: Inor

New phrases pages: Cherokee and Romansh

New numbers page: Romansh

Improved phrases page: Pashto

New translation: About me in Swedish

8th January

New writing system: Mwangwego

New language: Hunzib

Improved pages: Corsican, Nenets, Venetian, Walloon

1st January

New con-scripts: Efkolia and Ryszalean

New colours page: Japanese

New article: Tips To Complement Your English Lessons

Improved page: Quechua phrases

A Multilingual Happy New Year!

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