Omniglot news (2008)

Details of the new material that appeared on Omniglot in 2008.

28th December

New language: Wakhi

New article: Databases, SQL and Foreign Character Sets: It'll be O.K. in the N

New Tower of Babel translation: Southern Min

Improved page: Maori phrases

21st December

New language: Swati

New in writing systems: Neorunic

14th December

New language: Ndebele

New phrases page: Okinawan

7th December

New in writing systems: Colorbet and Stox

New Tower of Babel translation: Irish

30th November

New in writing systems: Muplo cursive

23rd November

New language: OshiWambo

New in writing systems: Zimúrán and Keltic

16th November

New in writing systems: Galdwin and Sacgul

9th November

New in writing systems: Coptic Latin and Utruscan

2nd November

New constructed scripts: Alfa-kinetix and ZhongHua Yu Zi

New recordings of phrases in: Chabacano de Zamboanga and Turkish

New links page: Italian

26th October

New constructed scripts: Bulughman and Maharlikang Tagalog

New translation of the About the author text in Latin

19th October

New phrases pages: Cebuano and Jenesch

New recordings of: Catalan phrases

12th October

New constructed script: Six-Color Alphabet

New phrases page: Lakota Sioux

5th October

New article: 5 Top Tips For Learning Spanish

New phrases in: Chabacano de Cavite

28th September

New language: Aragonese

New constructed script: Taiogeuna

21st September

New language: Wayuu

New phrases pages: Chavacano and Nepali

14th September

New constructed scripts: Pictosounds and Seumul

Improved pages: Persian (Farsi), Persian phrases and Tower of Babel Persian - now include many new recordings

7th September

New languages: Chavacano and Nagamese Creole

New con-script: Harta (Hungarian Artifical Alphabet)

31st August

New language: Alabama

Improved phrases pages: Faroese, Xhosa and Yiddish

The About this site page is now available in Welsh

24th August

New Tower of Babel translation: Cantonese

New article: Spaced repetition learning systems (SRS)

New con-script: Šsioŵe Łuŵuŕ

New audio recordings of the Hungarian phrases

New section in the gallery: Persian calligraphy

17th August

New con-scripts: Aceri Halit and New Ceigean

Many new Scottish Gaelic songs

10th August

New article: 2008 Beijing Olympic Game Meets Challenge - Chicken without sexual life?

25th July

New language: Silesian

New Tower of Babel translation: Sorbian

20th July

New con-scripts: Library and Shiwi

New Tower of Babel translation: Maltese

13th July

New language: Cape Verdean Creole

New con-scripts: Mártölammë

6th July

New language: Guadeloupean Creole and Jamaican Creole

29th June

New language: Tetum

New con-script: Chartograph

New phrases page: Aleut

22nd June

New language: Iñupiaq

New con-scripts: Cwaethra and Xylphika

New phrases pages: Basque and Iñupiaq

Improved phrases page: Inuktitut

15th June

New con-script: Reality

New translations of the Tower of Babel story: Aleut, Ewe and Inuktitut

8th June

New scripts: Cibara and Tengwar for Scottish Gaelic

I'm running a competition in which you can win online Japanese lessons over on the blog, by the way.

1st June

New con-scripts: Muplo and Phon

25th May

New language: Neapolitan

17th May

New con-scripts: Flos, Hieratic English, Kiserdő and Tower Orthography

New phrases in Western Armenian

Please note: I'm off to Nant Gwrtheyrn in Wales tomorrow to learn some more Welsh. I probably won't be able to answer your emails during the week I'm there.

11th May

New con-script: Etyantura

New page of phrases in Pashto

New page of idioms in Czech

4th May

New language: Niuean

New recordings of Romanian phrases

27th April

New con-scripts: Matoran and Spintype

New phrases page: Georgian

20th April

New con-script: Madri

New articles:
- How to choose a good Italian language school in Italy
- Studying Spanish at Spanish Universities

New phrases page: Occitan

Improved page: Low German/Low Saxon

13th April

New con-scripts: Hal and Rohal

New phrases page: Friulian

6th April

New language: Kapampangan

New pages: Months of the year and Seasons

30th March

New constructed writing system: Davé

New article: Medvedev: hard to pronounce for some!

More audio files for Cantonese and Spanish

23rd March

New alphabet: Kryptonian

New language: Dholuo

New audio files for Cantonese

New article: Learn Spanish While Studying Abroad to Broaden Your Mind

16th March

New in languages: Herero and Sign Languages

New audio files for Serbian (more to follow)

9th March

New languages: Duala and Gugadja/Kukatja

New article (in Russian): Translation Market Statistics

Revised version of the: European-Ukrainian Latynka

2nd March

New language Okinawan

New songs in Zulu

New audio files for Mandarin, Urdu and the Chinese version of the Tower of Babel text

24th February

New languages: Chichewa and Yukaghir

New sample texts for: Assyrian Neo-Aramaic, Dzongkha and Maldivian

New phrases page: Urdu

17th February

New languages: Baluchi and Papiamento

New constructed writing system: Handwritten Braille

10th February

New constructed writing system: Reonji

New ficitional script: Yán Koryáni

New links page: Arabic

Cursive Russian alphabet added to Russian page.

3rd February

New ficitional scripts: Tsolyáni & Sunúz

New phrases pages: Sesotho, Xhosa and Zulu

27th January

New phrases pages: Chamorro, Lao and Latin

20th January

New constructed writing system: Chữ Vòng

New phrases pages: Greenlandic and Inuktitut

New sound files for: Dutch

13th January

New language: Shona

New constructed alphabet: Ryakumoji

New phrases pages: Armenian

I've split the Portuguese phrases page into two: European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese

New language tips pages: How can I find time to study a language? and What materials and tools do I need to study a language?

6th January

New language: Kumyk

New constructed alphabet: Enganagri

New phrases pages: Azerbaijani, Bengali and Mongolian

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