Omniglot news 2010

26th December

New language: Baniwa

New in phrases: Chữ-nôm versions of the Vietnamese phrases

New article: There is nothing impossible in language learning

New in songs: Czech birthday song

New recordings: Tower of Babel in French

19th December

New languages: Bora and Murui Huitoto

Improved page: Buryat

New con-scripts: Brittish, Gyorsrovás and 十丁文字 (shídīng wénzì)

New phrases page: Toki Pona

New recordings: French alphabet and Esperanto numbers

New translations: Esperanto page and About the author page

12th December

New language: Amarakaeri

New songs in: Danish

New numbers page: International Auxiliary Languages (Esperanto, Interlingua, Lingua Franca Nova, Folkspraak and Volapük)

New video: Luftkissenfahrzeuge

New recordings of: Italian colours

5th December

New colours page: Italian

New recordings in: Basque, Cantonese, Danish and Thai

New: Omniglot Channel on YouTube

Improved page: Fijian phrases

28th November

New writing systems: Goudu, Kammara, Mali, Mukha Dora and Rana, Savara, Sugali, Yerukula

New languages: Huasteco and Mam

New con-script: Linglese

New section: Birthday songs in various languages

21st November

New languages: Ket, Pipil and Shoshone

New numbers page: Irish

New translation of the About Me page in: Dutch

New recordings: Basque phrases

14th November

New languages: Arabela and Záparo

New con-scripts: Franabugida and Vorizhaskh

7th November

New languages: Koasati and Mikasuki

New sample text recordings in: Cimbrian, English, Folkspraak and Latin

New phrases page: Ishirkian

New article: Tips and advice on learning English conversation and vocabulary

31st October

New con-script: Ishirkian

New phrases page: Moroccan Arabic

New language: Moroccan Arabic

Improved page: Greenlandic phrases

24th October

New language: Yurok

New numbers page: Tuvaluan

New con-script: RohNejNWqN

17th October

New numbers pages: Cornish and Welsh

New recordings: Greenlandic and Esperanto

Improved page: Kannada phrases

10th October

New numbers pages: Dutch and Portuguese

New recordings: Czech phrases and Tower of Babel in Klingon

3rd October

New section: Numbers in various languages

New recordings: Icelandic phrases

26th September

New Czech translation: Contributions/Donations page

New links page: Russian

New recordings: Lingua Franca Nova phrases

19th September

New Tower of Babel text in: Gregg Shorthand

New recordings: Esperanto phrases, Tower of Babel in Esperanto and Tower of Babel in Lingua Franca Nova

New articles: Tips to help you learn the Chinese language and 5 Great Tips for Learning French

New translation: Contact us page in Czech

12th September

New pages in writing systems: Hungarian Cyrillic and the Thai alphabet for Sanskrit

New recordings of Greek phrases

New colours page: Irish

5th September

New phrases page: Tetum

New con-script: Alfa-Larawan

New recordings in Czech of: days, months and seasons

27th August

New con-script: Belvar

New translation: About Omniglot page in Czech

New recordings: Czech idioms

22nd August

New alphabet: Sindhi

New recordings: Danish phrases and the Tower of Babel in Danish

15th August

New alphabets: Caucasian Albanian and Gupta

New language: Udi

New con-scripts: Klhetháyol and Tano

New translation: About the Author in Persian

8th August

New phrases page: I don't know

New con-script: Baduk

New article: Dubai

1st August

New phrases pages: Gascon and Sakha

23rd July

New language: Anutan

New con-scripts: Bostani and the Tai Anphabet

I'm away to Gleann Cholm Cille in Ireland today, which is why these up-dates are being announced today rather than on Sunday. My access to email and the web might be limited while I'm there, so please be patient if you're expecting a reply to your email.

18th July

New language and alphabet: Gondi

New language: Venda

New translation: the Czech language page has been translated into Czech

11th July

New phrases page: Interlingua

New language and alphabet: Kotia

New links page: Greek

Improved page: Tibetan

New article: Top 5 Techniques for Improving Your American Accent

4th July

New languages: Kaqchikel and Otomi and Tumbuka

New phrases page: Tumbuka

Improved pages: Sanskrit phrases and Thai

27th June

New languages: Nuu-Chah-Nulth, Saramaccan and Sranan

New con-script: Rtug

20th June

New languages: Amis and Atayal

Improved page: Visible Speech

New pictures in Gallery by: Yaman Kayihan

New recordings of: the Czech alphabet, the Tower of Babel in Czech and Czech colours

13th June

New languages: Q'eqchi' and Tokelauan

New con-script: Fishscales

New article: Learning through music and the media

6th June

New languages: Cofán, Mingrelian, Sakao and Tuareg

New con-script: Heptal

New article: WordSteps - personal online vocabulary tutor

New recordings of Zulu phrases

30th May

New languages: Dong and Shilluk

New con-script: Narkhokul

New Tower of Babel translation: Dong

New links pages: Endangered and minority languages, Hebrew and Language learning

23rd May

New Tower of Babel translations: Oriya and Telugu

16th May

New language: Nuer

New con-script: Kavaka o Fuvupo

Improved page: Tamil phrases

9th May

Improved pages: Gujarati and Oriya

New Tower of Babel translation: Gujarati

New con-script: Daukin

2nd May

New phrases page: Samoan

New Tower of Babel translations: Shona, Tsonga, Tswana, White Hmong and Yoruba

25th April

New con-scripts: A-tom-tom Code and Herami

New Tower of Babel translations: Bemba, Georgian, Hakka, Igbo, Ilocano, Lao, Lingala, Malagasy, Southern Sotho

New article: Língua Estrangeira para Lusófonos

New recordings of sample texts in Bugisnese, Faroese, Javanese, Latvian, Minangkabau and West Frisian

18th April

New phrases page: Tibetan

New language: Dzongkha (Bhutanese)

New con-scripts: English Code and Streyauthe

Improved page: Tibetan

11th April

New phrases page: Frisian (West)

New recordings of Korean and Thai phrases

New con-script: Caps

New article: Comparação Português e Castelhano

4th April

New con-scripts: Mandrakard and Universal Phonetic Alphabet

New recordings of phrases in: Afrikaans and Italian

New Tower of Babel translations in: Cheyenne, Gwich’in, Massachusett, Mohawk, Navajo and Ojibwe

28th March

New phrases page: Iban

New colours page: Telugu

New articles: Serbo-Croatian language issues and Learning French, a pleasant adventure for everyone!

New Tower of Babel translations in: Azeri, Cherokee, Dakota, Hawaiian, Hawaiian Pidgin, Karakalpak, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Mongolian (Cyrillic alphabet), Turkmen, Uyghur and Uzbek

New Tower of Babel recordings in: Church Slavonic and Hebrew

21st March

New languages: Bagatha, Blin, Creek, Gadaba, Jatapu, Kolam, Konda-Dora, Koya, Kupia, Porja and Zuni

New pages: proverbs and sayings in Kazakh and Manx

New bookstore page: Ogham

Improved page: Greek

14th March

Improved page: Zhuyin fuhao / Bopomofo

New fictional scripts: Fonic and Hymmnos

New phrases and recordings in Pashto

New downloadable script charts for: Arabic, Cyrillic, Georgian, Greek, Hiragana, Katakana, Korean and Zhuyin / Bopomofo

7th March

New languages: Kanuri and Zarma

New con-script: Pixel Script

New recordings of the Lithuanian phrases, alphabet and sample text

28th February

New languages: Aghul and Seri

New phrases pages: Please and Talossan

New article: Some tips on Learning the Indonesian Language

21st February

New language: Akhvakh

New article: Rhotics Ready: Getting a Handle on the Consonant "r"

New tongue twisters in Slovak with recordings

New UDHR translations in Calabrian dialects

14th February

New con-script: Akkhara Muni

New translations: the About me text in Kala Lagaw Ya and Turkish

Improved pages: English, Kala Lagaw Ya and Meriam Mir

7th February

New language: Syrian Arabic

New con-scripts: High Ƕarian and Pseudoglyphs

New article: Learning Arabic

31st January

New language and alphabet: Bhojpuri and Kaithi

New con-script: Symetrika

New phrases pages: Bhojpuri and Marathi

24th January

New language: Konkani

New article: Tales from Eastern Europe: Challenges and Benefits of Running a Translation Company in Poland

17th January

New language: Bukhori

New con-script: Këble

New song: Á Sprengisandi (Icelandic)

10th January

New con-scripts: Nav and Phonetic-Picture Writing

New phrases page: Tamil

3rd January

New con-scripts: The Kain and Sigil Panel Script

New article: How to Speak Indonesian

One million visitors
In December 2009 for the first time ever Omniglot received over a million visitors: 1,027,919 unique visitors in fact, who made 1,217,325 visits and viewed 2,487,022 pages.

In 2009 there were 8,626,378 unique visitors, 10,351,847 visits and 24,211,490 page views. The average number of visitors per day was 23,634; in December it was 33,159, and the day with the most visitors was 24th December with 69,175.

More vistors statistics for Omniglot

Happy New Year!

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