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The Borama alphabet was created in 1933 by Sheikh Abdurahman Sheikh Nuur, a Qur'anic teacher and a member of the Gadabuursi clan, as a way to write Somali. It is also known Gadabuursi and was used by the Sheikh's small circle of associates in Borama, and by some merchants in Zeila and Borama. Borama is a city in the northwest of the Awdal region in the west of (the Republic of) Somaliland, an unrecognised de facto sovereign state between Djibouti, Ethiopia and Somalia.

The Borama alphabet was submitted to the Somali Language Committee in 1961, and they considered it unsatisfactory.

Notable features

Borama/Gadabuursi alphabet

Sample text

Sample text in the Borama alphabet


My beloved brother Huseen, Peace.
I am well, the reer is at Đoobo.
The big burden camel has been eaten by a lion. 'Ali has come.
The goods have been received by us. Send us (some) ghee.
Out mother has come. Your brother Guuleed has gone to Hargeisa.

Nuur Bile, Borama.

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Information about the Borama / Gadabuursi alphabet

Fonts for Borama / Gadabuursi


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