Naasioi Otomaung Alphabet Otomaung Alphabet

The Naasioi Otomaung Alphabet was created during the Boungainville Crisis between 1988-1998 by Chief Peter Karatapi, the founder and leader of the Otomaung cultural organization. It is an alternative way to write Naasioi, a South Bougainville language spoken Kieta District of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea. The alphabet is currently used by a small number of people. The word otomaung means "able to express anything" and is the name of the first letter. The script was apparently inspired by ceremonial scarring.

Notable features

Naasioi Otomaung Alphabet

Naasioi Otomaung Alphabet

Download an alphabet chart for the Naasioi Otomaung Alphabet (Excel)

Sample text

Sample text in the Naasioi Otomaung Alphabet


Tee u'aa

Dakanaa moodo u' aa ko kung otomaung
Tee nkanaa tampa masika oro' dikitonang koo
Ka tee namuke masikamuke pa'aramaung
Tee nkanaa asirang apenaa tampara kongto da'koo

Translation (French)

La Glace

Ton image dans la glace
C'est mon plus beau poème
Mais fais vite il s'efface
C'est mon dernier je t'aime !


An introduction to the Otomaung Alphabet


Information about the Naasioi Otomaung Alphabet

Naasioi (Otomaung) font


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