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This page lists significant additions and changes to Omniglot with the most recent at the top. The small changes I make every day are too numerous to include here.

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23rd January

New languages: Lambya, Chakhar (Mongolian), Barin (Mongolian) and Nusu

New numbers page: Tsakonian

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, Oak Knowers and Playing Around

New Celtiadur post: Knowledge

New Adventure in Etymology: Dust

New song: Dust

Improved pages: Russian, Krymchak and Thai language pages, the Theban alphabet page, and the Ukrainian numbers page

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16th January

New languages: Alasha, Weitou, Kumzari and Southern Qiang

New constructed script: Featural Lojban Abjad

New numbers pages: Monguor, Santa and Kumzari

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz and Jargon

New Celtiadur post: Mysterious Secrets

New Adventure in Etymology: Bizarre

Improved page: Vietnamese

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9th January

New languages: Baybayanon, Inabaknon and Bajaw

New adapated script: Ermənbası

New numbers pages: Khitan, Daur and Buryat

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz and Resolutions

New Celtiadur posts: Knives and Forks

New Adventure in Etymology: Runes (ᚱᚢᚾᛟ),

Improved pages: Pohnpeian, Lun Bawang, Maguindanao, Pinyin and Melanau

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2nd January 2022

New languages: Umiray Dumaget and Klata

New adapted script: lshucid

New numbers pages: Jurchen and Xibe

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz and Old Long Since

New Celtiadur post: Ladles and Spoons

New Adventure in Etymology: New Year

Improved pages: Manchu numbers, Georgian language, Asomtavruli alphabet, Nuskhuri alphabet and Mkhedruli alphabet

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A Multilingual Happy New Year!

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