Magahi (मगही)

Magahi is a Bihari language spoken in parts of India by about 14 million people. It is spoken mainly in parts of Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal in India. It is not recognised as a separate language and has been classified as Hindi since 1961

Magahi developed from the Magadhi Prakrit, which was spoken in the ancient kingdom of Magadha in east India. The name Magahi comes from Magadha, and the language is also known as Magadhi.

Magahi used to be written mainly with the Kaithi script, but is now usually written with the Devanagari script. It has also been written with the Bengali and Odia scripts.

Devanagari script for Magahi

Devanagari script for Magahi

Download Magahi alphabet charts (Excel)

Information provided by अक्षय बरहपुरिया कुमार पवनचौदह (Akshay Brahpuria 'Kumar' Pawanchaudah)

Sample text (a folk song)

गोर गौरा पारवती
शंकर जी करिया
मैया गे, शंकर जी के अज्बी रहनिया
हो, मैया गे शंकर जी के अज्बी रहनिया


Goar Gaura parvati
Sankar jee kariya
Maiya ge sankar jee ke ajbi rahaniya
Ho, Maiya ge Sankar jee ke ajbi rahaniya


Information about Magahi | Phrases


Information about Magahi

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