Achumawi (ís siwa wó disi)

Achumawi is spoken by the Pit River people, who live along the Pit River in northeast of California from Goose lake to the northern Sacramento Valley. It is thought to be related to Atsugewi, which is spoken nearby, and the two language are classified as belonging to the Palaihnihan language family. In 2000 there were just eight elderly speakers of Achumawi, which is also known as Achomawi or Pit River language. The name Achumawi comes from ajúmmááwí, the name of the Fall River band, from ajúmmá (river).

Development of an app to help people learn Achumawi started in 2013.

Achumawi alphabet and pronunciation

Achumawi alphabet and pronunciation

Achumawi has two tones: a high tone, which is indicated by an acute accent (á), and a low tone, which is not indicated.

Download alphabet charts for Achumawi (Excel)

Sample text in Achumawi

wéé sintámmak kúci qá pi qa tówsi w̓al qá woh̓ w̓al. amqʰááwa tiiyúmciw̓oy paláqmim. qa pálm̓as íty̓íc̓í ka tyktatíwwalmíwci. hak̓can wínín maník̓can wiy̓í tyktúw. yalyúúcan w̓al múútʰaaq̓álcan w̓al amqʰá máník̓can wiy̓í tyktúw.


Now I'm going to tell this about the deer and the bear. Because they used to live together. When they first [establised their homes] they were neighbours. They each had two children. There was a boy and a girl (for each). They lived there. They were neighbours.
Part of Bear Woman and Dear Woman

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Samples of spoken Achumawi


Information about the Achumawi language

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