Alyutor (Нәмәлʔу)

Alyutor is a Chukotko-Kamchatkan language spoken in the northern part of the Kamchatka Peninsula in the north east of Russia. It is spoken mainly in the village of Vyvenka (Вывенка), and also in Khailino. There are 25 native speakers, according to the 2010 census. The native name of the language, Нәмәлʔу [ˈnəməlʔən], means "villager" or "settled person". The language is also known as Aliutor, Alutor or Olyutor.

Few young people (under 35) speak Alyutor, however it is taught in the Vyvenka village school.

Alyutor was considered a dialect of Koryak until 1958, however it is not mutually intelligible with Koryak, and is now considered a separate language.

Alyutor alphabet

Alyutor alphabet


The letters б, г, д, ж, з, ф, х, ц, ч, ш, щ and ы are used only in Russian loanwords and names

Download an alphabet chart for Alyutor (Excel)

Sample text

Амто тийкәтий!

Нәӄасғәваъа юнати Kамлэ, нәпуттәӈъа Оммәӄо. Камлэ ӄураӈтаткән, Оммәӄо наӄам ойиткән. Камлэнак нәкита йәг’илғән пәӈлунин, ғатаӄлаӈ әнкәт итәлъу г’уямтав’илъу.


Amto tijkətij!

Nəqasɣəvaʔa junati Kamle, nəputtəŋʔa Omməqo. Kamle quraŋtatkən, Omməqo naqam ojitkən. Kamlenak nəkita jəʕilɣən pəŋlunin, ɣataqlaŋ ənkət itəlʔu ʕujamtawilʔu.


Hello Sun!

Kamle lived poorly, Omm?qo lived richly. Kamle works in the herd, but Omm?qo only has one. Kamle asked Luna at night why people live like this.

Details provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Source: Nagayama, Yukari. 2003. Очерк грамматики алюторского языка [Grammatical outline of Alutor]

Sample video about Alyutor

Information about Alyutor | Numbers


Information about the Alyutor language and people

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