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Karachay-Balkar (Къарачай-Малкъар тил / Таулу тил)

Karachay-Balkar is a Turkic language spoken by about 240,000 people mainly in Kabardino-Balkaria in Russia, and also in Kazakhstan, Kyrghyzstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan.

The name Balkar is derived from Bolgar or Bulgar and it was relatives of the Balkar people who gave Bulgaria its name.

The modern Karachay-Balkar written language is based on Karachay-Baksan-Chegem dialect.

Cyrillic alphabet for Karachay-Balkar

Balkar alphabet


Latin alphabet for Karachay-Balkar

Latin alphabet for Karachay-Balkar

Download Karachay-Balkar alphabet charts (Excel)

Sample text in the Cyrillic alphabet in Karachay-Balkar

Бютёу адамла эркин болуб эмда сыйлары бла хакълары тенг болуб тууадыла. Алагъа акъыл бла намыс берилгенди эмда бир-бирлерине къарнашлыкъ халда къараргъа керекдиле.

Sample text in the Latin alphabet in Karachay-Balkar

Bütöw adamla erkin bolub emda sıyları bla haqları teñ bolub tuwadıla. Alağa aqıl bla namıs berilgendi emda bir-birlerine qarnaşlıq halda qararğa kerekdile.


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Sample videos in Karachay-Balkar


Information about the Karachay-Balkar language and people

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