Pontic Greek (ποντιακά, pontiaká)

Pontic Greek is a variety of Greek spoken mainly in northern Greece in the regions of East Macedonia and Thrace, Central Macedonia and West Macedonia, and in also Attica. There are also some speakers in parts of Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and Armenia. In Turkey it is spoken by Pontic Greek Muslims in eastern parts of Trabzon Province. In Ukraine it is spoken mainly in Mariupol. In Russian it is spoken mainly around Stavropol (Ставрополь). In 2009 there were about 778,000 speakers of Pontic Greek, including 400,000 in Greece and 5,000 in Turkey [source].

Originally Pontic was spoken in the Pontus area on the southern shores of the Black Sea, in what is now the Turkish province of Kars, and in southern Georgia. After the Christian Pontic Greeks were expelled from Turkey as part of the population exchange in 1923, they moved to Greece.

Pontic Greek speakers used to call their language Romeyka (Ρωμαίικα / Romeika), and speakers in Turkey still call their language Romeyka, Rumca or Rumcika. Elsewhere the language is known as Pontic (ποντιακά, pontiaká), which was originally a scholarly term.

Pontic Greek alphabets

In Greece Pontic Greek is written with the Greek alphabet. In Turkey it is written with the Latin alphabet, and in Russian it is written with the Cyrillic alphabet.

Greek alphabet for Pontic Greek (Ποντιακόν αλφάβητον)

Greek alphabet for Pontic Greek

Latin alphabet for Pontic Greek (Pontiakón alphábēton)

Latin alphabet for Pontic Greek

Cyrillic alphabet for Pontic Greek (Понтиакон алфабетон)

Cyrillic alphabet for Pontic Greek

Download alphabet charts for Pontic Greek (Excel)

Details of the Pontic Greek alphabet provided by Michael Peter F¨stumum

Sample videos in and about Pontic Greek


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