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Rutul (мыхIабишды чIел)

Rutul is a member of the Lezgic group of Northeast Caucasian languages spoken by about 29,400 people in Dagestan in Russia, and by 110 people in parts of Azerbaijan. The language is named after the village in Dagestan where the majority of the speakers live. Other names for the language include Chal, Mukhad, Mykhanidy, Rutal, Rutultsy and Rutuly.

In 1990 a Cyrillic-based alphabet was developed for Rutul; a literary version of the language has been emerging since then, and parts of the bible have been translated into Rutul. Before then the language was not written. Rutul is taught in a number of primary schools in Dagestan.

Cyrilic alphabet for Rutul

Cyrilic alphabet for Rutul

Sample text in Rutul

Дидды хала бычI ъ‘уIмуьр,
Гьалай-лай, лай-лай.

Вьглид хала пыч ъ‘уIмуьр,
Гьалай-лай, лай-лай.

Рурура, хъирикьас диш,
Гьалай-лай, лай-лай.

Хъиркьыйне ахъаргъус диш,
Лила, лила-лай.

Джиркьыйна рыкьа гьухьус диш,
Гьалай-лай, лай-лай.

Йыркьыйне суркьа гьухьус диш,
Гьалай-лай, лай-лай.

Ва выды абыр уьвуIх‘,
Гьалай-лай, лай-лай.

Дишды ихьды хъухьус диш,
Лила, Лила-лай.


In my father's house life was like a flower,
halalay-lay, lay-lay.

In the house of her husband life will be sadly,
halalay-lay, lay-lay.

Leaves, returns will not be,
halalay-lay, lay-lay.

If you come back, do not take,
lila, lila-lay.

If you do not come, "Come," do not say,
halalay-lay, lay-lay.

If you come, "Sit down," do not say,
halalay-lay, lay-lay.

You take care of his honor,
halalay-lay, lay-lay.

If not, do not call her,
lila, lila-lay.

Свадебная обрядовая песня – marriage ceremony song. Мухадский диалект – Mukhad dialect.

Source: Г.Х. Ибрагимов, Рутульский язык, Академия наук СССР, Москва – 1978.

Sample text supplied by Wolfgang Kuhl and Michael Peter Füstumum


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