Bezhta (бежкьалас миц)

Bezhta is a Northeast Caucasian language spoken in southern Dagestan in the Russian Federation by about 6,200 people (in 2002). Bezhta is also known as Kapucha

Bezhta has three dialects: Bezhta Proper, Tlyadal and Khocharkhotin. It is closely related to Hunzib and Khwarshi. Bezhta has much vocabulary borrowed from Avar, Georgian and Russian, and some words from Arabic, Turkish and Persian.

Parts of the Bible have been translated into Bezhta. Other than that, there is very little written in the language, and Bezhta speakers generally write in Avar.

Bezhta alphabet and pronunciation

Bezhta alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Bezhta in PDF or Excel format.

Sample text (Luke 11:2–4)

Гьогцо гьоллохъа нисос: Доьъа богьцалаъ вагьда̄ ниса: «Йа̄ Або, Дибо ца̄Ӏ аьдамла̄ илагьияб бикӀзи йовала, Дибо Парчагьлъи йоӀкъала; Шибаб водиъ баццас баьба илол нилӀа; Илла мунагьла̄кьас кьодос тилӀки, судлӀо нисода илена къацӀцӀола илол кешлъи йо̄вакьас кьодос тилӀбакца. Ми илос гьаьл бикъелална уьӀхолъа̄къа.»


Hogco holloqa nisos: Dǝʔa bohcalaʔ wahdā nisa: «Yā Abo, Dibo cā̃ ädamlā ilahiyab bikʼzi yowala, Dibo Parčahłi yõqʼala; Šibab wodiʔ baccas bäba ilol nitła; Illa munahlāƛʼas tłʼodos tiƛki, sudtło nisoda ilena qʼacʼcʼola ilol kešłi yōwatłʼas tłʼodos titłbakca. Mi ilos häl biqʼelalna ü̃xołāqʼa.»


Jesus said to the followers: When you pray, pray like this: "O Father, we pray that your name will always be kept holy, we pray that your kingdom will come; give us the food we need for each day; forgive us the sins we have done, because we forgive every person that has done wrong to us. And don't let us be tempted."

Details of Bezhta pronunciation and the sample text were provided by Michael Peter Füstumum. With corrections and additions by Wolfram Siegel.

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Information about BezhtaБежтинский_язык

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