Khanty (Ханты)

Khanty is a member of the Ob Ugric branch of the Uralic language family. It is spoken in the Khanty-Mansi and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrugs, and also in the Alexandrovsky and Kargosoksky Districts of Tomsk Oblast in Russia. According to the 2010 census, there are about 7,500 speakers of Northern Khanty, and 2,000 speakers of Eastern Khanty. There are thought to be no speakers of Southern Khanty. Khanty is also known as Hanty, Khant, Khanti, Ostjak, Ostyak or Xanty.

Khanty was first written in 1682, when a list of Khanty words was published by Nicolaes Witsen, a Dutch statesman. Other word lists were published by German explorers and cartographers during the 18th century.

In the middle of the 18th century a dictionary of 11 dialects of Khanty was published by Fyodor Kushkin (Фёдор Кушкин), and a number of studies of Khanty and translations into Khanty were made during the 19th century. The first book in Khanty was a translation of the Gospel of Matthew, published in London in 1868. A number of primers teaching the Khanty Cyrillic alphabet were published in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

From 1932 to 1937 Khanty was written with a version of the Latin alphabet, and since 1937 it has been written with the Cyrillic alphabet. A revised version of the Cyrillic alphabet was introduced in 1990. Literary works have been published in three Khanty dialects: Northern, Southern and Eastern. The main dialect used for in newspapers, TV and radio is the Northern dialect.

Khanty alphabet and pronunciation

Khanty alphabet and pronunciation

Details of the Khanty alphabet and pronunciation provided by Wolfram Siegel

Download alphabet charts for Khanty in Excel or PDF format.

Sample text in Khanty

-Монсев олаӈ ятал-
Кеваӈ мув суӈатна
Унтаӈ мув суӈатна
Вутаӈ сяарсат шанш пеԓкатна.
Му шомайн ԓойты
Восты турмев ям иԓпина
Муваӈ ху муваԓна
Куртаӈ ху куртаԓнах
Йи ики вуԓмаԓ.
Пирась ху сякаԓ сув,
Пирась ху кавраԓ сув.
Мортаԓна карымаԓ,
Оял-ки ой таймаԓ-хԓлам пох.
Вун пох икеԓ ошаң вуԓмаԓ.
Кутпаԓ еша ошиԓыԓԓы.


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